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Kurtis Chandler
Tuesday, Sep 25 2012 (about 4 years ago)
E-flite Taylorcraft 450 ARF
This is the kind of plane you take with you every weekend. It's that good. I have the 480 in mine and it makes a great aerobat out of it. Of course if you want to just cruise around it will do that just fine as well. Bad points: 1. Some others at the field have broken off the landing gear on easy landings. I don't know why as I haven't had any issues.(Mine is two years old now) So maybe just check the bulkheads before you attach the gear. 2. The wheel pants will come loose on occasion. So just keep an eye on them. 3. Getting the battery in and out can be a little trying on the nerves. Good points: 1. Great flying characteristics 2. Looks great in the air and on the ground 3. Very well built 4. Loops, knife edges, inverted, problem 5. Fits in a Nissan xTerra with no problem along with other airplanes!