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Friday, Jul 15 2011 (about 5 years ago)
E-flite Carbon-Z Yak 54 Bind-N-Fly
Excellent flying airplane, lots of power, flies straight and true, very little coupling in knife edge, easily 3D capable. I was very impressed with this airplane as it flew right out of the box. Immediately wanted to order a second one just in case I send it to an early grave. Its the closest foam airplane that mimics the flight characteristics of my larger giant scale aerobatic planes. After the third flight, it started to vibrate badly. Tried different props, balanced, etc, to no avail. Upon digging deeper, I found the motor mount was broken in two places, and cracked in two others. E-Flite is sending a new motor mount no charge. Its still sitting in the workshop waiting for a new mount and the flying season continues to move on :( I would recommend this plane highly based on its flight characteristics, but plan on taking some time for minor modifications such as replacing the motor mount, updating the elevator servo (reported failures), and carefully checking all control horns are secure, etc. Once done, its a great flying airplane and I'm sure to keep one in my hangar for when I want a break from the giant scale airplanes and 3D helicopters.