Reviews for E-flite Apprentice 15e Aerobatic Trainer PNP (Plug-N-Play) [EFL2900]

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Mark Spain
Verified Owner
Friday, Jul 13 2012 (about 4 years ago)
E-flite Apprentice 15e Aerobatic Trainer PNP (Plug-N-Play)
Firstly, a little background - I started with a couple of 3-channel models, specifically a Champ, then the larger Super Cub LP. It took a few Champs before getting comfortable enough to move up to a 4-channel model and I selected the Apprentice based on a number of reviews. The model went together quickly. I added an inexpensive AR6000 receiver to go with my DX7S transmitter and a couple of Turnigy 3S 3300mAh Lipos. I then swapped out the wheels for 3" Dave Brown Lite treaded wheels to handle the grass field in my area. Being new to ailerons, I set my dual-rate for this channel to 20%. The combination of the design, size and modest amount of aileron is perfect for the beginner! Plane flies well, is very predictable and easy to see when flying "3 mistakes" high :) Also dig the "head room" this plane affords, I've got dual rate I can add and more aggressive control horn positions to add as my skill level increases.
phillip jensen
Thursday, Dec 8 2011 (about 4 years ago)
E-flite Apprentice 15e Aerobatic Trainer PNP (Plug-N-Play)
i got the chance to buddy box this e flight apprentice . it is a grate trainer plane . it is well mannered at very slow speeds . it is so smooth to fly. at full speed or gliding it in for a landing . < as i said i did a buddy box .> with a new guy at Houston sport flyers . club .. i grabbed control before it went south into the ground . he was trying to land it . left was right. right was left coming at us . and it got him . when i pulled control to my box. i pulled the nose up leveled the wings . and set him up for another approach to land . it didn't take the new guy to long to get landing down . not only that, he landed it on the runway the first landing .once again slow speed flight it's really happy . it is the best first plane IMHO
Earl Williams
Verified Owner
Saturday, Sep 15 2012 (about 4 years ago)
E-flite Apprentice 15e Aerobatic Trainer PNP (Plug-N-Play)
This was my first plain . I am very happy I bought this one. It is a very good plain to start on. Durable, I crashed it, only had to put a new motor mount on it. Very easy to fly. Does need bigger wheels on grass! Handles windy days very well.