Reviews for E-flite A6M5 Zero 300 Micro Bind-N-Fly Basic Electric Airplane [EFL6175]

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Nicholas Dunford
Sunday, Nov 4 2012 (about 3 years ago)
E-flite A6M5 Zero 300 Micro Bind-N-Fly Basic Electric Airplane
Amazing park flyer. Hand launches easily, belly lands in the grass with no problem, and has ample power. Beautifully quiet, the brushless motor makes only a low hum and sounds very cool on low fly overs. With dual rates at 70% she is nimble without being touchy. At half throttle she handles perfectly and does figure eights in a normal park without incident. Full throttle and she is a little speed demon capable of tight loops and strong climbs. Fair amount of aileron/rudder coupling so knife edges take a little effort. Also pretty tail heavy out of the package so make sure to check your CG and put some lead in the nose. Rolls are a little lazy, so make sure you have altitude before attempting them. 7 minutes on a Venom 2s 430mah lipo. Best part is she is durable. First I nosed her pretty hard into grass and only damage was the nose cone was squished. Also, on a couple of slightly rough landings had the wings move slightly, but this is part of why the plane is so awesome. The wings are held on by an internal rubber band that gives slightly on impact. So every hard landing in which the wings moved slightly because the rubber band gave in reality was a complete save because if they had been screwed down the foam could have cracked. I couldn't recommend this plane more when it comes to a grass park flyer.