Reviews for EcoPower Carbon Fiber Main Rotor Blades (550mm) [ECP-2012]

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don whitman
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Apr 9 2014 (about 2 years ago)
EcoPower Carbon Fiber Main Rotor Blades (550mm)
got these to see how they were and held up during 3d flight, what I got was blades that were only .01 out of weight on my scale . so great there,, the finish was ok , not a big fan of the red and white, but as far as flight? they tracked pretty good, they can do 3d , not hard but mild 3d just fine, they don't pop as well as edge but hey there $18 cheaper, id say if your trying new trick and don't wanna risk your good blades , then these will do just fine, or if your just a sport flyer , then these are right up your alley