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Nick Pfleeger
Tuesday, Nov 20 2012 (about 3 years ago)
Dynamite Speed Treads Breakaway SC Tire (2)
All around awesome tire. Great price, great grip, good in almost all situations. I bought a set of these along with the Dynamite Speed Treads Robbers, all for the same price as a single set of Prolines and did just as well as the guys on the track running the Prolines and JConcepts. I tried to run these on a carpet track though and they had too much grip in just about all directions. I couldn't slide it in the turns, I couldn't keep the front wheels on the ground, and it traction rolled like crazy, so on went the Robbers and they worked fantastic. I bought them as a pre-mount, but they didn't really seem to be cast true, so I would buy these and glue them onto a set of better wheels, but otherwise I have absolutely no complaints.