Dromida USB Charger NiMh 6C Mini Connector

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This is the Dromida USB Mini Charger for the 6-cell NiMH Battery used in Dromida Vehicles. COMMENTS: A 2A 110V USB Charger Adapter (DIDP1125) allows this charger to be powered from a 110V wall outlet Instructions; 1. Connect USB connector to USB power on PC or USB AC wall adapter 2. Connect battery to mini connector 3. Charger will automatically begin charge process Should error occur: Check to see if charger is properly connected to USB port / adapter Check USB port / adapter provides >-1A output current Check for any noticeable damage to the battery being charged Check to make sure that battery is properly connected to the charger jxs 12/02/16 ir/jxs updt jxs 02/08/17

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