DragRace Concepts Drag Pak Maxim No Prep 1/10 Drag Race Chassis Kit w/DRC Super Flow Shocks

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DragRace Concepts Drag Pak Maxim No Prep 1/10 Drag Race Chassis Kit
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DragRace Concepts Maxim No Prep RC Drag Race Kit

The DragRace Concepts Drag Pak Maxim raises the bar for radio control drag racing. Until now, all other no prep drag car chassis' have been recycled short course truck conversions. The DRC Maxim has been engineered from the ground up to provide racers with a competition level platform. No adaptations. No conversion kits. Just pure engineering and a desire to create the ultimate race car chassis for no prep drag racing. 

The first area addressed was the chassis. The Maxim chassis features an integrated flex control system that allows the racer to fine tune chassis flex to suit the traction conditions of the surface. The flex control is achieved by first tying the entire chassis together starting at the transmission inserts. These inserts are connected to the chassis rails that carry forward to the front end. Racers can adjust flex throughout the chassis by adding or eliminating hardware and links to the chassis rails for an infinite range of adjustment. The chassis offers multiple options for battery placement to tune weight bias, while keeping weight low and allowing plenty of room for electronics placement.

The included Drag Pak Transmission is already proven. The super smooth transmission is strong, durable and capable of handling low turn motors. The transmission features a stand-up configuration to provide more rear weight bias than a lay down setup to provide increased traction, while at the same time keeping the chassis balance more inline. A full set of 7075 T6 hard-coated aluminum gears and slipper eliminator are used to keep rotating mass to a minimum, while the gear differential is a hybrid design that uses DRC hardened internal gears. Combine this with DRC heat-treated steel CVDs and you have a premium level drivetrain that can handle the abuse of outlaw class racing.

Special attention was paid to the front-end. The Maxim features DRC's swept back injection molded front a-arms. Compared to typical "dirt" style front a-arms, these arms provide more forward weight bias in front of the front axle centerline. This means less weight is required in the front of the car to help keep the front end planted. Additionally, the front bulkhead features 1.5 degree removable castor mounts, and the low-profile front shock tower is matched to the DragRace Concepts "Super Flow" Shocks, allowing for an aggressive body stance. The front castor blocks, bearing carriers and rear hubs are all CNC machined aluminum to help create a platform that offers premium level equipment out of the box.

The injection molded rear a-arms eliminate flex and keep weight low. These a-arms feature 2 degrees of built-in toe in with universal mounting positions on both sides for the shock and anti-roll bar set ups. The rear shock tower is a low-profile design that is matched perfectly to the "Super Flow" Shocks. Compared to standard SCT shocks, the smaller bore shocks eliminate approximately 2 ounces of weight from the chassis without sacrificing performance. Plus, the kit includes the super popular DRC 10" Slider wheelie bar to provide a wide range of adjustment and proven drag car performance.

All of these features and details combined create the ultimate setup for both no prep and eliminator class racing. Don't get caught sleeping at the tree and grab a DragRace Concepts Maxim to improve your chances of taking the win light when you cross the stripe!

NOTE: Assembled chassis shown in photos is for illustrative purposes only. The kit you receive will require assembly. See needed to complete list below for a list of items required to complete the model. 

  • Engineered no prep RC drag racing specific platform
  • Integrated flex control chassis to fine tune chassis flex - adjust stiffness throughout the chassis by adding or eliminating hardware and links 
  • Chassis also keeps weight low and provides multiple options for electronics placement
  • Included Drag Pak stand-up transmission configuration to provide more rear weight bias and keep the chassis balance more inline
  • Full set of 7075 T6 hard-coated aluminum transmission gears and slipper eliminator to keep rotating mass to a minimum
  • Gear differential is a hybrid design that uses DRC hardened internal gears
  • DRC heat-treated steel CVDs 
  • 13.2" Wheelbase
  • Includes 10" Wheelie Bar
  • DRC swept back injection molded front a-arms provide more forward weight bias in front of the front axle centerline to help keep the front end planted
  • DRC injection molded rear a-arms eliminate flex and keep weight low
  • Rear a-arms feature 2 degrees of toe in with mounting positions on both sides of the a-arms for shock and anti-roll bar set ups
  • Low profile front & rear shock tower 
  • Front bulkhead features 1.5 degree removable castor mounts
  • CNC Machined aluminum front castor blocks, bearing carriers and rear hubs 
  • Heat treated steel front axles 
  • V-Force Designs 12mm hex adapters front and rear
  • Includes DragRace Concepts "Super Flow" Shocks
  • Includes Kimbrough 90 Tooth spur gear and Kimbrough Large servo saver servo horn
  • Includes DragRace Concepts aluminum cooling fan
  • 12.9 Grade hardware throughout
Needed to Complete: 
  • ESC & 540 Motor 
  • Wheels, Tires & CA Glue
  • Body
  • Pinion Gear
  • Custom Works 1.75" Shock Springs (CSW1808 - F & CSW1806 - R recommended)
  • Differential & Shock Fluids (200k diff & 70F/80R shock fluid recommended)
  • Threadlock
  • Tools for Assembly

This product was added to our catalog on December 13, 2021

Verified Owner
Sunday, Dec 26 2021 (about a year ago)
DragRace Concepts Drag Pak Maxim No Prep 1/10 Drag Race Chassis Kit
First off, if you cannot build a car without any instructions, do not buy this. Just hit the back button right now and go look at dr10's. As of now you only have 2 pictures to look at on their website and they're not good pictures. Got to guess on holes and angles from perspective for initial set up. It was enough for me to build it with out issues but I do this on the daily. I'm sure this will be addressed shortly. Shocks, diff, and initial settings have diagrams included. There is no bell crank, so stop looking for it when you open the first set of instructions. Just skip that and go to the build pictures.

Front shocks want 100wt and 8lb springs. Rears want 80wt and 6lb springs. Diff wants 200k low traction, 300k medium, 500k high grip. 3.0t 90/17, 3.5t 90/18, 4.0t 90/19. These are the initial they recommend. 3 screw setup for the slipper eliminator that comes with it. My kimbroughs, X-ray, and xotek spurs fit no issue. I went with 6lb fronts w/80wt and 5lb backs w/70wt based off of some forums I've read. Your call on that. Was no initial specs posted when I bought everything for it.

Will need the typical black grease and thread locker. Some screws are metric, some standard. 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm. .05" and 1/16"

Will need a servo no taller than a protek 160 or reefs 299lp. You won't need a servo horn either. It comes with a dual that the shafts hook directly too it and 3 adapters for the tooth count. No way to get away from the setup it comes with.

Will accept side body mounts and the +hp rear tires, just need to trim the shock tower a 1/4". I took the 5.5mm middle chassis nuts off, added a .75 shim, then screwed the side body mount on that. I'm running baad racing bead locks, they are the standard width. The PL + rims will fit as well. I do know the + tires on these bead locks sit really damn nice. Flush on the outside, little pudge on the inside. I did not use the through body mounts. I used 2 sets of gorilla magnetic front mounts, for front and back, they fit right on the posts and are easy to adjust for height. Both the posts and mag mounts have plenty of adjustment. Then I run my side mounts upside down on the body. Pain in the butt sometimes, but I hate exposed posts.

What I didn't like about the kit. The mix and match screws, some being wallowed out already (accessories screws, not the pre built chassis ones) ) Had a grub pin locked into one of my cups (where it accepts the shaft) that took a strong minute to get out. Had a drive cup to tight to accept the dog bone, had to file the cup. Front bearings were destroyed in one of the front hubs. The rod ball ends for the lower shock mounts are trash (x4). Can't get any size to hook firmly in the hex head. They are 4.3mm balls. I put some Reve d spm's on them, part number RT-006m, don't think amain carries that brand. 4.8mm will work but its tight. 4.5's will work also. 8mm long may work, I had 6mm on hand

I ended up changing out every screw that was in a bag (chassis is 85% built). Screws it is built with had no issues or thread locker. The bagged screws sometimes would grab enough to go in, but insta strip to come out. No good at the track. Not all the bagged screws were junk, think I came across 10-12 of them. So I just changed them all.

All in all the main chassis and parts are top notch. Besides that it looks like they cut some corners on fasteners to get it out the door. Not a deal breaker by any means. It's built but not tested, so I can't comment on the performance yet. I know they were trying to get them out the door for Christmas, so quality control should improve in the following months.

No parts or hardware was missing. All tolerances were great on the machined parts, carbon and plastic. Had to add one .15 shim to a front a arm on the hub, that was it. Probably the best fitting kit I've built. No slop or travel to speak of besides that front a arm and I'm sure it wasn't needed. I just like everything to be perfect.

If you like to dink around and spend some time experimenting, trouble shooting, and having no written instructions this is a awesome kit.

If you're in a hurry to pop this one out, wait. You will only get mad and miss out on a beautiful chassis.

Very nice kit overall, I enjoyed the challenge that came with it. I will not hesitate to buy another when its time for my 13.5 setup.

If you find a aluminum nub and screw in the box don't worry, its just one of the fan mounts (2 of them) on the top backside front of the motor plate. Yes it comes with a fan and spur too.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Sep 13 2022 (about a year ago)
DragRace Concepts Drag Pak Maxim No Prep 1/10 Drag Race Chassis Kit
After spending much time on this chassis- I have a few issues with it. Its nice overall yes but lacking. I cannot get the slop out of all 4 wheel hubs so some work needed there and all plastic ball links have a huge amount of slop in them, so I have to hunt for more parts that I believe I really should not have to. I will have a hard time getting down the quarter with so much slop in the steering. The trans is nice - but no cover for the bottom? additionally others may have good product support but I have had no such luck.only 1 of 3 mails answered after I asked repeatedly.I think it took over a week to get any reply. So I would rather opt for a different chassis next time. For this price point you should not have to replace any hardware.lastly- lack of instructions- yes.deal breaker for most. Even the most expensive European models have good/great instructions.
Yes, if you order direct of from A-Main it will ship fast no issues there- A main has great product support so no issues there.
had the inline funny car- had some problems with it, never heard back from the company- sold it. Wish I had more good things to say but I cant. and yes- had to replace all the shocks also.
Verified Owner
Monday, Sep 11 2023 (3 weeks ago)
DragRace Concepts Drag Pak Maxim No Prep 1/10 Drag Race Chassis Kit
The product I received was very nice. I did have an issue with one part that was in Packaged from the factory called amain, let them know of the issue and they took care of it and sent me out a new part. The customer service is awesome. Thanks!
Verified Owner
Monday, Mar 27 2023 (6 months ago)
DragRace Concepts Drag Pak Maxim No Prep 1/10 Drag Race Chassis Kit
I purchased the 2022 Maxim kit at the 49% off sale price and also got the 2023 update set.

You just can't beat this total cost of having one of the latest and greatest No Prep Drag Cars on the market.

I have been building full custom car builds and this was half of their cost. (and I'm not itchy from cutting carbon fiber)

The quality of DragRace Concepts products are top notch, not crappy 3D printed parts, like some of the other manufactures.

The kit had everything to build the kit - every last screw, nut, and clip.

Will be finishing this build with a Maclan DRK 160+ and a R1 Wurks Edition Volta 4 pole...
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jan 12 2023 (9 months ago)
DragRace Concepts Drag Pak Maxim No Prep 1/10 Drag Race Chassis Kit
My only complaint I didn’t get the points even though I sign up
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jul 9 2022 (about a year ago)
DragRace Concepts Drag Pak Maxim No Prep 1/10 Drag Race Chassis Kit
Not for the HOTHEAD! if aggravation is your life, then DO NOT BUY THIS! now that is out of the way...if you have EVER built an Associated RWD buggy or truck(for that matter losi or Traxxas) it's the same thing! just a better design! it comes bagged in steps not labeled but in steps nonetheless. start with diff, then shocks, then rear suspension, then front suspension. and lastly wheelie bar. that's it. it goes together smoothly with no missing e-clips and no miss machined hinge pins or aluminum. just take your time use your brain and done. now to finish up with electronics......LOTS of choices there.Kit Looks Fantastic thank you to Jayson Ziemba!
Read his review as well.. for those first-time builders he will set you on the path! nice baseline setup set-up! OH yeah when in doubt PICTURES! and youtube nobody has done a build video but they filmed the chassis up close, pause and look it will help.
Verified Owner
Sunday, May 29 2022 (about a year ago)
DragRace Concepts Drag Pak Maxim No Prep 1/10 Drag Race Chassis Kit
This is my first kit build in many years and my first NPRC. Instructions are minimal and at first, I was concerned. But if you have kit experience or mechanical skills, this kit nearly builds itself. And you will not get tolerances this tight with a mass boxed production car. I love it. I can't wait to hit the street with it. If you are new to RC, don't be afraid to ask for help to build this. It's not a Lego set. But the end result is a purpose design rip machine. Glad I went this route instead of buying an RTR then upgrading everything on it.
Tuesday, Feb 1 2022 (about a year ago)
DragRace Concepts Drag Pak Maxim No Prep 1/10 Drag Race Chassis Kit
So a customer gives a product that they don’t even have yet a 1 star review because the shipping is taking too long? So basically you’re giving the kit a poor rating for no reason. This is why I always read reviews rather than go based upon the overall star rating. Too many people give bad reviews for either something that has nothing to do with the product, because the shipping takes too long, and even because of reasons that had the customer actually read the instructions for the item they would realize they are wrong and their poor review isn’t even correct. The only reason I gave this a 4 star is because DRC has priced it a bit too high in my opinion. I could see 499.99 but 599.99 is a stretch for what you get, or don’t get.
Verified Owner
Friday, Jan 28 2022 (about a year ago)
DragRace Concepts Drag Pak Maxim No Prep 1/10 Drag Race Chassis Kit
Have no received yet, over 30 days due to shipping method, not happy.

Customer service went above and beyond and sent my another order. I certainly can’t say enough about service with this company. Thank you!

I hate to nitpick the chassis after such great customer service and support, but it’s about making others aware of the issues that I have encountered.

Here is the list of items that I feel is noteworthy to mention:

1. one of the front axles is way out of tolerance, it will not fit through the bearings or the wheel adapter. Attempting to sand it down, but it’s a good quality material.

2. Wheel bearings are low quality and rough sounding.

3. The wheel hex hubs included with my kit are not wide enough (5.5 mm). All the plastic wheels I have from all the major companies require at least a 6.5mm to work on this particular kit. My aluminum bead locks need at least a 7mm to tighten properly. The axle shafts included are really long.

4. The front body mounts in my kit were an inch too short for every Proline and Losi body I have.

5. The rear body mount has one placement , I don’t understand why it does not have other options for placement. It ended up in the worse place possible on the Proline 67 Mustang I’m using for the build.

6. The shocks are complete junk, all 4 leak badly and you can see the front shocks actually bend when compressed due to the severity of the mounting angle.

7. No battery hold down included or even available as an option. You are on your own to make something work with the slots in the battery mounts. I’m blown away by this! Super nice chassis but, it seems like they hurried to get the thing out the door and didn’t finish the detail work.

8. It would be nice to have a mount for the receiver antenna, there is nothing.

9. The steering servo arm looks cheap and there is no option for a better one that I’ve found so far. It is actually so large it contacts both sides of the forward frame support, however it is not enough to effect anything.

Even with all the problems the overall kit is very nice, and I was surprised that was partially assembled when I opened the box. The parts that are not assembled are sections that can be modified or need adjustment by the new owner. It would have been nice to see a shock spring assortment included at this price point, as well as including a slipper clutch option for the top shaft of the transmission. So, those items will have to be ordered separately if you chose to do so. Along with new shocks. Look at spending another $100 or more to finish off the chassis.

I will still give it a 4 star rating due the the chassis, transmission quality and it’s really light, so you can add weight where it’s most suited.