D-Links Gen8 Combo Link Kit (324mm) w/Chubby Lowers, Delrin Uppers & High Clearance Rear

D-Links Gen8 Combo Link Kit (324mm)
Price: $69.99
Discontinued Online
This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.
The D-Links Gen8 Combo Link Kit includes delrin upper and "Chubby" lower links to give you a best of both worlds balance for your 324mm wheelbase Gen8 based rig. The heavy weight lower links provide great weight down low on the axles, while the delrin uppers help to keep the overall weight of the truck low. The high clearance rear links offers a good flat area off the skid for a better break over angle for better crawling.

  • Delrin (1/4"): Lightest option and slides the best over rocks, logs, and other trail debris.
  • Chubbies (5/16"): Heaviest weight. It's made of brass rod and is very stout. This is great for that massive down low weight that crawlers often need to stay planted to the ground.
  • High Clearance Option: The high clearance option gives you a bend on the links to help clear obstacles. You may find on certain vehicles this will leave your drive shaft more exposed to damage. Some folks will put spacers between the link and rod end to clock the driveshaft upwards out of the way. 
  • Rod Ends: D-links uses the Traxxas revo rod ends (TRA5347). They have proven to be reliable, long lasting and easily replaced when needed. 
  • Warranty: D-Links are made in the U.S.A. All D-Links are lifetime guaranteed. Send the broken link to D-Links and receive a brand new one. D-Links does not guarantee the rod ends as they are a wear item.
NOTE: Steering tie rod and drag links are not included.

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