DJI S1000 Premium Professional AP Octocopter Drone Combo w/A2 Controller & GPS

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This is the DJI S1000 Premium Professional AP Octocopter & A2 Combo. The S1000 was developed specifically for high level professional aerial photography and cinematography. This combo includes ESC's and motors, as well as the awesome A2 controller and GPS combo, retractable landing gear, folding frame arms and folding propellers to minimize storage space. Every detail has been scrutinized with the needs of professional creators in mind, eliminating limitations and delivering the tools needed to create a true masterpiece.


  • Safe & Stable: The S1000s V type mixer design provides large amounts of propulsion while improving power efficiency. Combined with the DJI flight A2 controller, it is guaranteed to remain stable even with the loss of a rotor. The power distribution system is integrated into the center frame using DJI's patented coaxial cable connector.
  • Portable, Easy to Use: All eight arms can be completely folded down and the 1552 folding propeller can be tucked away, minimizing the S1000s size for transportation. To fly, simply lift the frame arms up, lock them in place with the red clips and power up the system. This dramatically reduces pre-flight prep time.
  • Spark Proof Plug: The main power cord is an AS150 spark proof plug and an XT150 plug, to prevent users from mixing up polarity and causing a short circuit when plugging in the battery.
  • Professional Octocopter: Weighing approximately 4kg with a maximum takeoff weight of about 10kg, the S1000 can easily carry equipment as heavy as a 5D mark 3. Used with a 6S 15000mAh battery it can fly for up to 15 minutes!
  • Damping Design: Gimbal (optional - not included), and battery are mounted to the same bracket, with dampers placed between the bracket and the frame. This significantly reduces high-frequency vibrations and makes shots clearer and sharper. The battery tray's position also makes it more stable and convenient for mounting and dismounting.
  • Low Gimbal Mounting Position: The gimbal is mounted low on the frame on a specially designed bracket. When combined with the included retractable landing gear, it offers a clear and wide shooting angle.
  • Supports all Zenmuse Z15 gimbal systems: The full range of Zenmuse gimbals are compatible, and offer advanced camera stabilization for smooth footage, precision tilt and position control from the ground, and video downlink compatibility so that person on the ground can see what the camera sees.
  • Optimized for A2: Optimized for A2 wiring and installation, connecting an A2 flight controller and setting flight parameters is easy. The A2's antenna is kept away from any carbon fiber or metal, ensuring a better signal.
  • Innovative Frame Arm Design: Each frame arm is designed with an 8 inversion and a 3 inclination, making the aircraft more stable when rolling and pitching yet more flexible when rotating.
  • Propulsion System: Each frame arm has a built-in 40A electronic speed controller (ESC). When combined with its 4114 pro motor and high performance 1552 folding propellers, it is capable of a maximum thrust of 2.5Kg



  • Frame
    • Diagonal Wheelbase: 1045mm
    • Frame Arm Length: 386mm
    • Frame Arm Weight (Including Motor, ESC, Propeller): 325g
    • Center Frame Diameter: 337.5mm
    • Center Frame Weight (with Landing Gear Mounting Base, Servos): 1330g
    • Landing Gear Size: 460mm (Length) 511mm (Width) 305mm (Height), (Top width: 155 mm)
  • Motor
    • Stator Size: 4114mm
    • KV: 400rpm/V
    • Max Power: 500W
    • Weight (with Cooling Fan): 158g
  • ESC
    • Working Current: 40A
    • Working Voltage: 6S LiPo
    • Signal Frequency: 30Hz ~ 450Hz
    • Drive PWM Frequency: 8KHz
    • Weight (with Radiators): 35g
  • Foldable Propeller (1552/1552R)
    • Material: High strength performance engineered plastics
    • Size: 155.2inch
    • Weight: 13g
  • Flight Parameters    
    • Takeoff Weight: 6.0Kg ~ 11.0Kg
    • Total Weight: 4.2Kg
    • Power Battery: LiPo (6S、10000mAh~20000mAh、15C(Min))
    • Max Power Consumption: 4000W
    • Hover Power Consumption: 1500W (@9.5Kg Takeoff Weight)
    • Hover Time: 15min (@15000mAh & 9.5Kg Takeoff Weight)
    • Working Environment Temperature: -10 C ~ +40 C
Needed to Complete:
  • 7-Channel Aircraft Radio System (8-Channel recommended)
  • 6S 10,000mAh ~ 15,000mAh LiPo battery (15C Min)
  • Compatible Battery Charger 

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