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Jon Koenig
Friday, Feb 24 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Cox Extra 300 EP RTF Park Flyer
It flies fairly well. Its definitely not a 3D flier with the stock power setup. Pros- The foam this thing is made out of is fantastic. You can almost fold the wings in half and it wont break, it is fairly heavy though. I also liked the unique prop saver on this bird...initially. Cons- The motor lasted about 5 flights. The battery lasted 4 flights. The cells are fine, but the pcb board inside went bad somehow. Finding any parts for this plane will frustrate you to no end. I did eventually find a replacement motor, a Blade heli tail motor that would fit, but I long ago ripped out the guts out of the Extra and converted it to brushless. Its underpowered, so you will be at full throttle for pretty much the duration of your flight. When the motor heats up, it softens up the plastic prop adapter and it will come off mid-flight as it is only pressed on. Also the shape of the radio made my hands cramp up, very uncomfortable. Conclusion- Save yourself the headache and buy one of the many Parkzone ultra micros. Much better parts support, cheaper batteries, and just a much better flying experience. To Cox's defense, they do not produce this plane, but they really should have found a better plane to put their name on.
Monday, Mar 5 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Cox Extra 300 EP RTF Park Flyer
Wish I had read John's review first. Bought mine from another Hobby Store, but similar issues. I only have 3 flights on mine, so the motor and receiver are still working, but I have already had the prop adapter fly off. Also, the run time is very short. I am not even getting 5 minutes at full throttle and with the stock motor you have to be at full throttle to have any fun. Overall the plane is great and the electronics suck. Now the question is, do I like it enough to put a real motor in it?