Competition Suspension Mugen 16mm Pro Clicker Series Shock Kit (Rear)

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This is an optional Competition Suspension 16mm Pro Clicker Series Rear Shock Kit. A two time recipient of the Indiana Open Wheel "Manufacturer of the Year" award, Competition Suspension is known and recognized around the world for their shock design, quality, and engineering. Using the same engineering and analysis process that is used to design their award winning 1:1 scale shocks, Competition Suspension Pro Clicker Series shocks include a variety of innovative design features and qualities never before seen in the RC industry.

CSI Pro Clicker Series shocks feature a unique shock body and pre-load collar design that allows you to accurately measure pre-load visibly with an engraved scale on the shock body, as well as audibly with a "click" that can be heard with every 1/4 rotation of the collar. Plus, the collar locks in place, preventing any unwanted movement during a race. Other features include a quad seal o-ring that is a scaled down version of the seal used in 1:1 scale CSI shocks, combined with DLC coated shock shafts, and the incredible aluminum V-Port piston. With all these unique features and more, CSI has changed the game in the world of R/C suspension.


  • CSI SHOCK BODIES: CSI Clicker Series shock derives its name from the collar and shock body design. The bodies and collars were machined with a detent adjuster built in. These shocks make a “click” sound four times per one complete turn, allowing easier ride height/pre load settings. The shock collar will lock itself in place and keep from rotating during a race, keeping your car consistent from start to finish. CSI shock bodies feature a shock shaft guide to help eliminate shaft deflection and minimize friction. Reduced friction is critical in the overall performance and consistency of the shocks. Another CSI feature is the ride height etching in shock body (1-5). These marks provide a precise visual for shock collar settings, eliminating the need for measuring calipers.
  • CSI QUAD SEALS: CSI Engineers developed a scaled down version of their full size shock seals in these shocks. The quad seal eliminates seal drag and improves the overall performance of the shock. Only one seal is required per shock.
  • CSI PRO SHOCK BLADDERS: Critical to shock performance, but often over looked, are shock bladders. CSI spent countless hours of R&D to produce a bladder that meets CSI performance standards. CSI Pro Shock Bladders are vital to your shocks consistency in both compression and rebound damping. CSI shock bladders will not collapse or indent. There is no need for shock cap modifications when using Genuine CSI bladders.
  • CSI PRO PRECISION SHOCK SHAFTS: CSI precision shock shafts are DLC Coated. DLC Coating stands for Diamond-Like Carbon Coating. Extensive shock dyno testing by CSI concludes improved shock shaft/seal performance.
    • Advantages of DLC Coating:
      • Increased Lifespan
      • Abrasion Resistant
      • Oxidation and Corrosion resistant
      • Low Friction Coefficient
  • CSI LOWER SEAL CAP: Seal caps for the most part are pretty standard. There job is to secure the o rings, fluid, and shaft. The difference is, CSI lower seal caps have been machined to allow the shock boot to breathe when your shock is going through both compression and rebound damping.
  • CSI PRO SHOCK BOOTS: CSI Pro shock boots are identical to the full size CSI shock boots. They easily collapse and extend without interfering with the shocks performance. They are equally as durable in strength and quality. These are last shock boot you will ever need or want.
  • CSI V-PORT ALUMINUM PRO PISTON: CSI’s cnc machined aluminum; blue anodized V-Port pistons utilize the exclusive CSI Optimum flow varying port design. The piston utilizes a sealing band to eliminate fluid blow by, forcing the oil to use the porting and give the shock an improved progressive damping curve. The rebound side of the piston ports is tapered to provide quicker rebound shaft velocities, increasing traction and handling performance.
  • (2) Completely Assembled Pro Clicker Series Shocks:
    • (2) 16mm Pro Shock Cap
    • (2) 16mm Pro Clicker Shock Body
    • (2) 16mm Pro Clicker Collar
    • (2) Lower Quad Shock Seal Cap
    • (2) Pro Precision DLC Coated Shock Shaft
    • (2) Pro Shock Bladders
    • (2) Quad Seal
    • (2) Pro Shock Boots
    • (2) 4-40 Mini Lock Nuts
    • (2) Pro V-Port Piston w/Sealing Band
    • (2) Shaft Wiper

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