Cheater Racing Cheater Sauce (Extreme) (4oz)

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Cheater Racing Cheater Sauce Extreme blend is a specially formulated tire sauce that was developed to maximize traction in low grip track conditions, as well as help to speed up tire break in. This race proven blend is packaged in a handy 4 ounce bottle with dispenser tip, and is the perfect tuning option to keep on hand when you need more traction than the Original blend can deliver.

Combine the benefits of both Cheater Wash and Cheater Sauce for ultimate traction!
  1. Dilute Cheater Wash in your tire wash bucket, wash tire as usual.  Dry completely.
  2. Apply Cheater Sauce approximately 15-20 minutes before your race.
  3. Allow to dry almost completely before running.
  4. After your race, repeat the process. Note that Cheater Wash may give enough traction in some situations, where saucing is not needed.

This product was added to our catalog on April 5, 2016