Castle Creations Mamba Monster 1/8th Scale Brushless Car Package (2650kV)

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This is the Castle Creations Mamba Monster 1/8th Scale Brushless Car Package with the Neu-Castle 2650kV Brushless Motor. Castle has used all of their tricks to deliver tire shredding power for monster trucks and 1/8th buggy conversions. The Mamba Monster ESC handles up to 6S LIPO input (25.2 Volts MAX). It has a switching BEC circuit onboard to provide plenty of power for your receiver and servos. Donít worry about the amp rating, nothing even comes close to the real world performance of the Castle controllers, and the Monster is no exception. 

The Mamba Monster is designed to keep its cool while it pounds your truck. Castle refused to cut corners on the design or the components, the electronic and thermodynamic fundamentals are correct from the start. Castle then wrings a bit more power out by using a high efficiency heat sink PLUS an integrated cooling fan to make sure you finish the race.

Mamba Monster ESCs use huge 6.5mm gold plated bullet connectors for reliable power transfer and simple installation. Additionally, the Castle Link USB adapter allows you to tame the Monster by adjusting the settings using a Windows PC.

The Neu-Castle 2650: This motor is based on Steve Neuís awesome 15 series motor, and truly is a electronic work of art. It features high quality oversized ABEC-1 bearings, sintered Neodymium magnets, superior electromagnetic design, and rigorous engineering control in the Castle factory, resulting in a Monster motor that Castle is proud to put their name on.

The 68mm long Neu-Castle 2650kV is intended for 4S (16.8 Volt) operation and is ideal for 1/8th buggy conversions. The efficiency of a motor determines its quality. Higher efficiency means better design and high quality components. The higher the efficiency of the motor the more power it can produce before it overheats. Hereís a little math. Say you are laying down 1,000 watts, (about 1ľ horsepower), and your motor is rated as being 70% efficient. That means 300 watts is being turned into heat. Ever grab a 300 watt light bulb? If the motor is 85% efficient it only burns 150 watts as heat. More power goes to the wheels and the motor runs cooler, making it capable of putting out even more power when needed.

Itís always better to reduce the heat generated in an electric power system with superior engineering, rather than to try and cool things with fans and other gimmicks. Sure, a fan can get you a few degrees, but it is much better to have a superior design to begin with.

NOTE: Castle Link USB cable is available separately. Software is available through

Mamba Monster ESC Specifications:
Cells: 6s LiPo
Continuous: 120A*
Resistance: 0.0003 ohms per phase
Brake: Proportional with adjustable curve
Reversible: Yes - with lockout
Low Voltage Cutoff: Programmable
Size: 2.2x1.9x1.4"
Weight w/wires: 121g (4.26 oz)
Connector: 6.5mm bullet

Castle 2650kv Motor Specifications:
Max Input Volts: 16.8
Amp Rating*: 120
Weight: 370g (13.1 oz)
Motor Diameter: 39.98mm - 41.78mm with fins
Motor Length: 68mm
Shaft: 5mm
Bearings: Oversize ABEC-1 front and rear
Connector: 6.5mm
Note: Motor wires OK to shorten
*Full throttle continuous operation with cooling airflow

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michael fosdick
Sunday, Oct 25 2009 (about 7 years ago)
Castle Creations Mamba Monster 1/8th Scale Brushless Car Package (2650kV)
My choice for 1/8 buggy and 1/8 shortcourse (sc8e). Customer service and tech support are awesome. I had one warranty issue out of the 4 v3s that was very quickly resolved and to my satisfaction. The temp sensing fan hardly ever kicks on. I think the 2650 works best in buggies (also my sc8e) and castle recommends the 2650 for buggy and 2200 for truggy. I tried the 2650 and the 2200 in my 8ightE, sc8e, and rc8E: I thought the 2650 got much better in air control, smoother driving, the lipos ran cooler, the voltage cutoff kicked in later, runtimes were extended by 3+ minutes, I get the full 80% (common lipo rule is to leave 20% in the lipos during use), and my buggies and SC do less nose diving now too (sc8 and sc8e are notorious for nosediving). I could not get the 2200 to do all of that in my 1/8 buggies and 1/8 SC. Thats probably some of the reasons castle recommnds the 2650 for buggies. I use a 150 amp eagle tree data logger with 4s 5000 30-40c lipos/13t pinions and regularly record bursts no higher than 165amps on my small local track. Settings I adjusted w/ the castle link: lowest timing, throttle curve-one dot at 50% dragged down to 35%, brake power 50%, brake curve one dot at 50% dragged down to 30%, 14.8V cutoff (to follow lipo rule of leaving 20% in the packs I use). The brakes are plenty strong at 50% but I softened the curve so I could brake soft into corners but brake hard in the air to bring the nose down. I reduced the timing to increase runtime, decrease wheelspin, increase traction. The changes I made work well so I did not need to adjust punch. I use Traxxas connectors with no problems. Make sure you screw (can do with a Revo castle esc mount) or zip tie (use a thick one) the ESC case over the top of the ESC case to your mounting plate. I had one I secured only on the bottom with glue and servo tape and had a crash. Guess what happened? The bottom half of the ESC case stayed on the mounting plate but the ESC case seperated in two at the seams so the top half and the circuit board got loose scraping some electronics off. All the while the bottom half of the esc case still stayed glued to the ESC mounting plate. Castle also has a blower fan option for the motor that works well. One feature I really want to see via a downloadable castle link upgrade: adjustable on the fly timing advance like Tekin has.)
alex aschwanden
Wednesday, May 13 2009 (about 8 years ago)
Castle Creations Mamba Monster 1/8th Scale Brushless Car Package (2650kV)
I have two of these. one for my st-r truggy, it work great on 4s, and one for my xb808 buggy, no problem yet. don't push it too hard and it should last a long time. i love the insane torque and RPM. simple program- great job Castle Creations.)
Kirk Pitcher
Verified Owner
Saturday, Aug 7 2010 (about 7 years ago)
Castle Creations Mamba Monster 1/8th Scale Brushless Car Package (2650kV)
I put the (2650kv), in my E-Maxx Trk and the second run I shattered the tranny, and both diff.
Upgraded the trk with all heavy duty stuff, Put 1 14.8volt battery in it, and It's the biggest rush a guy can have, with his clothes on. Yabba-Dabba-Doooo. Totally Unbelievable. I can do 70mph in a heart beat, run the trk as far as you can see, (Fataba radio), without ever loosing reception. Everywhere i go, i end up with a crowd of people, asking, Just how fast will that thing go & how much does one of those cost.... I love that Mamba Monster Motor and Traxxas E-Maxx truck is, AWESOME........ Amarillo, Texas)
Phillip Wozniak
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jul 20 2011 (about 6 years ago)
Castle Creations Mamba Monster 1/8th Scale Brushless Car Package (2650kV)
Super fast in rc8be on 4s, and probably would not go any highr on voltage due to the power it has already on 4s. I get 20min runs on our local track on a reedy 4s 5500mha lipo and it gets a little warm but not harmful warm. Anyway great choice but may be a little to fast for some tracks IMO. Great choice for buggy though. Can not compare to the Tekin though : ))
Joshua Mazerole
Sunday, Jul 26 2009 (about 8 years ago)
Castle Creations Mamba Monster 1/8th Scale Brushless Car Package (2650kV)
Put one of these in my 8ight 2.0, this thing is awesome, had problems calibrating the esc at first but once i got it calibrated it was great. only problem is that i was able to blow up my HD differental from all the power i guess, left four holes around the diff where the metal pieces were.)