Castle Creations Mamba Micro Pro 1/18th Scale Brushless Combo w/0808 4-Pole (4100KV)

Castle Creations
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Speed controls are only as good as their components. Castle uses only the latest and best. These arenít always the least expensive. The guys at Castle can tell the difference and are sure you will too.

FETS are the little black things that are the heart and soul of all ESCs. FETS have gotten better, just like memory chips and digital cameras. FET capacities are going up, so should ESC performance. Thatís the story behind Mamba Micro Pro. Thousands of drivers around the world have enjoyed the Mamba-25, now you can have more amp capacity just because the FETS have improved.

Why stop there?
When you design and build your own products, you donít have to settle for tired compromises. Castle took the better components and made them work together in a better manner to lower resistance Ė resistance results in heat, heat limits controllersí power. Castle has designed the circuit boards in a manner to reduce resistance and has added a highly efficient heat sink to help the controller keep itís cool.

Mamba Micro Pro is priced the same as the old Mamba-25, yet it offers up to twice the performance.

Programming Options
Just like the original Mamba-25, the following Mamba Micro Pro settings can be changed with the transmitter:

  • Low battery voltage cut-off warning
  • Brake strength
  • Lockout reverse mode
  • Timing adjustment
  • Start-up mode
  • Reverse speed
The Mamba Micro Pro ESC is Castle Linkô compatible too Ė drivers can use their Castle Link and a Windows PC to tune and tweak additonal settings, such as:
  • Throttle response curve
  • Brake response curve
  • Saved profile setup files
  • Punch control
  • Separate brake strength
  • Separate reverse power

Mini Size, Massive Power.
Castleís 0808 series motors may resemble other motors on the market, but thatís where the similarities end. They utilize the same 4 pole technology Castle uses to toss around 15 pound monster trucks like rag dolls and wheelie 30 pound Bajas on demand. With the increased efficiency and torque gained from a 4 pole design they will take just about anything the user can throw at them. Just imagine what this little 20mm powerhouse is capable of. Theyíre a miniís worst nightmareÖand the competitionís.

The 0808 series motors are intended for on-road and off-road applications running up to 3S LiPo and weighing in at up to 2.5lbs. Castle offers these motors with both of their race proven Micro ESCs to suit all applications. For 2WD and lighter 4WD vehicles (<1.5lbs) Castle recommends the Sidewinder Micro ESC, and for those with a bit beefier 4WD vehicle (>1.5lbs) they suggest the Mamba Micro Pro ESC. 

Cells: 2-3s LiPo / 4-12 NiCad/NiMH
Continuous: More than you can handle!
Resistance: 0.045 ohms
Brake: Proportional
Reversible: Yes - with lockout
Low Voltage Cutoff: Programmable
Size: 1.5 "L x 1.1" W x 0.6" H
Weight w/wires: 1 oz (28.35 g)
Connector Type: Universal
Applications: 1/18 2wd & 4wd greater than 1.5 pounds

0808 Motor Specifications:
kV:  4100kV
Maximum Input voltage: 3s LiPo or 12 NiMH cells
Maximum Operating Temperature: 180į (82į C)
Connectors: 3.5mm gold connectors
Length: 1.5" (38mm)
Diameter: 0.79" (20mm)
Shaft: 0.08" (2mm)
Weight: 1.8 oz (50g)

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Richard Gebhardt
Monday, Oct 28 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Castle Creations Mamba Micro Pro 1/18th Scale Brushless Combo w/0808 4-Pole (4100KV)
I have tried the 5300kv version of this in the mini 8. It works very well and has way more power than stock. 14 tooth pinion and stock spur. You have to get different screws for the motor otherwise its awesome!)
Steeve Bruno
Sunday, Oct 13 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Castle Creations Mamba Micro Pro 1/18th Scale Brushless Combo w/0808 4-Pole (4100KV)
Anyone tried this in a Losi Mini 8ight? The stock combo just gave up on me...)