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Verified Owner
Monday, Dec 16 2013 (about 2 years ago)
Bob Dively Liquid Masking Film (32 oz)
I have tried them all, and painted well over 280 shells to date. Hands down Dively is the superior product. I found best results after (3) thick coats (allowing a good 12 hours between coats). Unlike Liquid Mask (Faskolor), with Dively you can prep a body and paint it a month or longer later. The mask still cuts and peels great. Parma Faskolor Liquid mask needs to be best removed with 3 days of application. Otherwise it is closest to Dively. Unlike Bittydesigns, Dively has no "Cat Hack" odor! It is also easier to see the design cuts and stays on the shell better than that **NEW** pink Italian stuff. Having just tried it I don't know what I was thinking ordering anything but Dively. Go with the best name in liquid mask and get the best deals on it HERE at A Main.
Steve Tice
Thursday, Apr 28 2011 (about 5 years ago)
Bob Dively Liquid Masking Film (32 oz)
this stuff is awesome so i like it better then tape