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Shane Motes
Verified Owner
Sunday, Jun 2 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Blade Helis mQX BNF Ultra Micro Electric Quad-Copter
Finally got this 2 days ago from ups after USPS lost the first one,very unfortunate.anyways as for the mqx I highly recommend this little's the most stable rc aircraft I have ever flown outside of dual coaxial.stunts with it are easy enough if you have a descent radio,by the way I'm using a lp5dsm transmitter(came with a blade cx3 I bought years ago)you don't have to have a dx6i like everybody says.personlly I didn't want to spend more on the radio than I did on the mqx but if you already have one use it!it's very durable and can handle a little wind effectively are cheap and it's a blast to fly!allow some altitude for flips and rolls to account for the drop,if you use more throttle it will drop a much shorter distance.for the price it's good quality and a lot of fun.happy flying!