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Friday, Feb 12 2016 (8 months ago)
Blade Helis 400/450 Mod 0.5 Pinion Gear (9T)
Use this 9T pinion gear for the 420H or 440H motors, available on the Blade 400 and 450 helicopters. The smaller number of teeth offers more torque than the 10T and 11T pinions, for basic hovering and forward flight. The 9T pinion also offers faster response to changes in throttle (collective) control, for the beginning pilot. This pinion is specifically designed for the e-flite motors, and will not fit aftermarket motors. It incorporates a special step-down design for the output shafts of the 420H and 440H motors. So, don't bother buying any Blade Helicopter pinions for use with motor upgrades. Two stars for the compatibility issues....