Reviews for Beam E4 V2 "Advance" 450 Flybarless Helicopter Kit w/Blades (Orange) [BMH-E4-A-1-FBLO]

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Derek Rowe
Monday, May 28 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Beam E4 V2 "Advance" 450 Flybarless Helicopter Kit w/Blades (Orange)
I am not a verified owner of this but I am for the flybar version of the heli (BMH-E4-A-1O) and the flybarless rotor head (BMH-E4-7001) and you can see my verified owner mark on my reviews of those products. I absolutely love every feature about this helicopter. The parts are extremely precise. The blade grips on the head and the tail swivel seamlessly. Aside from the ball links, landing gear mounts and screws which are steel, every single part on this helicopter is either aluminum or carbon fiber. The design is rigid and flawless and easy to work on. I love it.
Mark Stanoch
Verified Owner
Friday, Jul 27 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Beam E4 V2 "Advance" 450 Flybarless Helicopter Kit w/Blades (Orange)
The E4 V2 Advance was my first 450 sized build. The description provided here is entirely correct. There is a modest parts count and the heli goes together very easily. The instructions are particularly clear and everything is provided in the kit. The parts are extremely well made with a high degree of refinement and use of quality materials. The design is solid and while others complain about the stock FBL head, I have installed True Blood Engineering head dampensers and I am getting virtually no head slop. I have had my Beam airborne for over two months now and I can happily report that it is terrific. Using MKS servos on cyclics and the tail provides very predictable behavior which is great for newbies like me. My build includes a CC Phoenix ICE 50 which never gets hot and provides additional high-end features (like programmability and governor) for when I progress to 3D flight. I am really thrilled with my Beam E4 and would not hesitate to recommend it to others. And A Main has virtually all of the parts you will ever need in stock virtually all of the time. Thank you A Main for your superior service and for carrying such a superior model.