Axial "Yeti" 1/10th 4WD Ready-to-Run Electric Rock Racer w/2.4GHz Radio

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This is the Axial "Yeti" 1/10th 4WD Ready-to-Run Electric Rock Racer. The Axial Yeti is built to withstand the punishment of rock racing. Its distinct aesthetic and technical elements were inspired by full-size desert trucks, and deliver a no-compromise mix of speed and handling unlike any other R/C vehicle. It's powered by a 3150KV 4-pole brushless motor which provides a massive amount of power, especially when powered by 3S. In the suspension department, the Yeti is equipped with an Independent Front Suspension [IFS] system to help maintain high speed stability when running through a diverse range of terrain. Precision machined aluminum shocks are standard equipment and deliver smooth suspension movement for consistent handling. It's as serious as you want it to be, with true fun factor characteristics that make it a blast to drive.

  • SKILLFULLY ENGINEERED: The Yeti™ is a skillfully engineered rock racing vehicle with a solid rear axle and an independent front suspension that supplies unforgiving bashing stamina while delivering a high level of technical rock racing abilities without compromising in either category.
  • INDEPENDENT FRONT SUSPENSION: The Yeti™ is equipped with an Independent Front Suspension [IFS] system to help maintain high speed stability when running through a diverse range of terrain. Every rock the Yeti™ will encounter is individual. They come in random sizes and are scattered throughout the course, making the terrain varied from one side of the vehicle to the other. The IFS system allows you to better control the intended direction of travel at high speeds when one side is adjusting to overcome road obstructions. This stability that the IFS front end provides is paramount when rock racing.
  • VANGUARD ESC, 3S LIPO, WATERPROOF: Developed by Castle Creation for Axial, the Vanguard ESC provides exceptional power, braking and adjustability. The ESC comes standard with Deans® Ultra Plugs®. The ESC can be programmed manually via Castle Field Programming Card or through the Castle Link software interface (optional).
  • 3150KV BRUSHLESS MOTOR: The included 3150KV waterproof 4-pole brushless motor provides the perfect amount of torque and speed. The long can design provides a massive amount of power, especially when powered by 3S.
  • ALUMINUM SHOCK BODIES: Aluminum shock bodies are standard equipment in this RTR Yeti™, making for very smooth suspension movement throughout the full range of wheel travel. These bodies are precision machined for consistent handling when putting the Yeti™ through its paces.
  • AR60 OCP-AXLE™: The AR60 OCP-Axle™ is constructed from high strength composite material which has a low flex rate but is not as brittle as standard glass filled nylon. The combination of the axles and a true 4-link suspension gives you optimal performance for any terrain with the look of a real 1:1 vehicle.
    • Off-center pumpkin design
    • Axle tubes are reinforced with a boxed-in axle truss
    • High strength composite material
  • 4-LINKED REAR SUSPENSION: The Yeti™ features the proven AR60 rear axle with a unique 4-linked rear suspension and three upper link positions to adjust the anti-squat. The lower link mounts can be flipped to change the roll center. These advanced tuning options will help you get the most performance from your rig.
  • LONG TRAVEL REAR SWAY BAR: This unique torsion bar design with long pivot arms used in conjunction with the long travel suspension is designed to help control the torque twist associated with massive power. This system also helps reduce body roll and adds stability at high speeds.
  • BFGOODRICH® KRAWLER™ T/A® KX TIRES: In the full-size offroad world, BFGoodrich® Krawler™ T/A® KX tires are the winner of more rock-crawling championships than all other tires combined. The Axial version of this tire captures the same aggressive look and provides awesome performance on a wide variety of surfaces. This is the perfect tire for this style of vehicle due to it’s high level of performance and diversity.
  • WALKER EVANS RACING WHEELS: Officially licensed Walker Evans Racing beadlock wheels dressed in an aggressive all black style and they work with most 2.2 tires. The IFD™ (Interchangeable Face Design) wheel system makes it easy to dress it up with an original look. The wheel design allows you to vary the amount of air passing through the breather holes. You can select between having one, two or three open holes (two, four or six total) by rotating the inner (beadlock) ring.
    • Utilizes 2x11mm pins for added strength
    • Updated plastic hub adapter to eliminate slop and capture the 2x11mm pin
    • Adjustable breather holes for fine tuning tire performance
    • Compatible with most 2.2 tires
    • Easy six screw disassembly
  • WB8 HD WILDBOAR™ REAR DRIVESHAFT: The WB8 HD rear driveshaft features an updated design with a larger diameter cross pin (2x11mm) along with an M4 Screw Shaft (2mm hex drive) for added strength. A center splined slider floats between each end and features added material which reduces flex and fatigue.
    • 3-piece driveshaft with strengthened slider-floater tube.
    • Increased surface at the connection between the ball joints and output shaft tubes.
    • 2x11mm cross pin adds 25% more surface area providing more strength for the ball joint.
    • Captured cross pin design for more durability and easy maintenance.
  • WB8 HD CENTER CVD JOINT: The WB8 HD Wildboar™ Driveshaft Joint is employed from the transmission to the front bulkhead. It features an updated design with a larger diameter cross pin (2x11mm) along with an M4 Screw Shaft (2mm hex drive) for added strength.
  • HI-LO TRANSMISSION: The Axial Hi-Lo transmission was specifically designed for the Yeti chassis. With all metal internal gears, this full ball bearing transmission has the strength to endure the harshest rock racing environment and brushless power. The factory gearbox comes as a single speed with the high gear installed for high speed fun. The integrated motor mount features a wide range of movement for endless gearing options. Optional two-speed transmission component sold separately.
  • DUAL SHEAR STEERING RACK: The Yeti™ features an updated EXO steering rack that offers additional strength for 2.2 size tires, and double shear capture points on the steering tie rods for ready-to-go rock racing action!
  • REALISTIC SCALE DETAILS: Realistic scale details include: polycarbonate interior tray with molded driver figures and dashboard, two black styrene helmets, molded exhaust outlets, molded grill, molded headlight buckets, and molded hood vents. The body bolts to the scale Y-380 cage assembly using multiple mounting points.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE BATTERY TRAY: The integrated battery tray can be easily accessed by removing the two front body pins and pivoting up the entire body. Gain full access to the battery trap door by removing the remaining body pin. The battery tray is fully height adjustable with four button head screws, making room for most standard sized 2S and 3S LiPo battery packs.
    • Added ribs for strength which reduces flex and helps deflect debris
    • Tapered shape reduces catch points under compression
    • Minimal hardware exposed
    • Separate bolt on 4-link mounts which can be swapped left to right to change link geometry. This increases the YETI's versatility by giving you more tuning options
    • The chassis length has been minimized to maximize the lower control arms for added travel and stability at high speeds
  • WATERPROOF RECEIVER BOX: The waterproof receiver box is integrated into the bottom of the Yeti™ chassis. No more stress when running in mud, water, or snow!
  • METAL GEAR TACTIC SERVO: The included Tactic TSX45 metal gear servo is water resistant, and rated at 151 oz-in of torque for massive turning power and dual ball bearings provide smooth and precise movement for the metal gear train.
  • 2.4GHz RADIO: The AX-3 2.4GHz transmitter is a two channel, pistol grip radio with servo reversing switches for steering and throttle, trim dials for fine tuning steering and throttle centers.
  • 3-CHANNEL 2.4GHz RECEIVER: The AR-3 2.4GHz receiver uses no crystals so you'll experience worry free driving with no frequency conflicts.


Length: 19.5" (495mm)
Width: 12.3" (312mm)
Height: 7.7" (195mm)
Wheelbase: 14.2" (360mm)
Ground Clearance: 2" (50mm)
Weight: 6.5lbs (2.9kg)
Motor: Brushless 3150KV 4 Pole Electric Motor
Radio: AX-3 2.4GHz transmitter
Servos: Tactic TSX45, 151 oz-in
ESC: Vanguard AE-3 ESC, 3S LiPo, 8 NiCELL, Forward / Reverse, Waterproof

Needed to Complete:

  • 2S or 3S LiPo Battery w/Deans Connector
  • LiPo Battery Charger
  • (4) AA Batteries for Transmitter

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Verified Owner
Wednesday, Aug 26 2015 (about 4 years ago)
Axial "Yeti" 1/10th 4WD Ready-to-Run Electric Rock Racer
No problems with this car at all, have had a blast with it, holding up with moderate torture, I recommend this vehical to all who would like to bashalot, Great upgrade parts, Love to tinker with it. Just a side note, I have ran 3s thru this vehical about 100 hrs worth not a single broken part, not to say it wont happen but for my money get this rig. Love it!!
Saturday, Jul 25 2015 (about 4 years ago)
Axial "Yeti" 1/10th 4WD Ready-to-Run Electric Rock Racer
i bought the yeti at my L.H.S. and its alright, needs stiffer suspension to make it handle right when driving on anything other then rocks, stock its gear'ed to high for a rock crawler.
Verified Owner
Sunday, Jan 25 2015 (about 5 years ago)
Axial "Yeti" 1/10th 4WD Ready-to-Run Electric Rock Racer
So far I have put a couple 2s battery packs through this truck, and it has put a smile on my face each run. All the parts on the truck appear to be very well made and have handled what I've put the truck through so far in the snow. Truck is begging for a 3 cell lipo in the speed department, but has plenty of power on tap with a 2 cell. If you don't know if you want to get a crawler or something that has some speed to jump and beat on, this is a great truck for a best of both worlds decision.

And now for the downsides. The front shocks on my truck were not fully filled from the factory, but some 45wt oil fixed that right up. The steering servo also leaves something to be desired, not quite enough torque to throw around the meaty front tires.

The motor and esc are both made by castle, and you can hook the castle link up to it for tuning. The radio is a 3 channel unit, basic functions but it works, I swapped mine out before running it with a Spektrum DX4C tx and rx.

Overall, this is a very well made truck. There's a few minor things that could be addressed but aren't totally necessary depending on what your use will be. Also there are plenty of tuning options and aftermarket parts for wrenching fun and dialing in the ride after you take it out of the box.
Friday, Apr 10 2015 (about 4 years ago)
Axial "Yeti" 1/10th 4WD Ready-to-Run Electric Rock Racer
A lot of plastic,but if you upgrade this thing is fun. I go to the bmx track so much fun!
Sunday, Jul 7 2019 (9 months ago)
Axial "Yeti" 1/10th 4WD Ready-to-Run Electric Rock Racer
I am very pleased with my yeti. So far I think it is a little slow on a 2s, but I don't think I will be eating up my gears as fast compared to a 3s. Still decent torque.. I noticed the steering getting loose. The kingpins were backing out. Not too bad, but enough to notice. Decided to run it anyways and broke a steering knuckle after hitting one too many drops, rocks and jumps. My own recklessness, but I am finding replacement parts and upgrades are relatively cheap and in abundance from axial. I would recommend this truck to anyone looking for a good all around rtr rock racer, just be ready to find things you want to improve and tune as you get to know it's driving characteristics (and weak points during collision) I thought the suspensions came a little soft out of the box, but adjustments are a easy. Fun to tune/ change suspension geometry for different types of terrain.
Verified Owner
Sunday, Nov 25 2018 (about a year ago)
Axial "Yeti" 1/10th 4WD Ready-to-Run Electric Rock Racer
Hi, I just bought a Axial Yeti RTR for your web, but I don't have an ON/OFF switch!, and in the manual of this product on page 4 it shows an ON/OFF switch wired from the ESC. The switch is supposed to be near the back end. I can't find it. I looked at the ESC closer and I don't even see wires leading to a switch. I only see a set of Brown/Red/Yellow wires leading from it, and not a set of Red/Black leading to the switch.
Is this right?!
PLEASE HELP ME and sent a photo with the exactly location of this ON/OFF switch. Thanks in advance.
Wednesday, Apr 1 2015 (about 4 years ago)
Axial "Yeti" 1/10th 4WD Ready-to-Run Electric Rock Racer
This was a good attempt at best. IT is a cool truck, don't get me wrong. But it falls on its face in several areas. EVERY time I have ran he truck I bet the front hinge pins. even with light driving. Axial admits this is a weak point and has done nothing to fix it. The suspension is terrible. I had 45 weight shock oil and the stiffest springs available and it would still bottom out on small jumps. There is almost not aftermarket shocks for the yeti, so your pretty much stuck. The stock servo is horrendous, The rear trailing arms bend like wet noodles under power,and the plastic axial uses is way to soft. Unless you want to drop another $300-$400 getting this truck where it needs to be, look elsewhere. Get it together axial.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jan 1 2019 (about a year ago)
Axial "Yeti" 1/10th 4WD Ready-to-Run Electric Rock Racer
I just received my Yeti and I'm not as pleased as I was hoping to be. When I unboxed it was sitting way low in the back, part do to the shocks being way out of adjustment and way low on oil, next I notice there was no on off switch but it does show one in the manual, when I contacted Axial I was told they stop putting switches on them and that seems strange to me that a 429.00 RC doesn't have an off on switch. My other dislike is I was under the impression the Yeti was on par with my Losi Rock Rey but for me the Losi runs circles around the Yeti, on 2s the Losi is super fast but with the Yeti it's very slow, I ordered a 3s for it to see if that helps. For me the Rock Rey is the best of the two by a mile. The Yeti isn't a bad RC I just don't think you get that much for your money, slow speed on 2s, no on off switch, no traction control, no lights, and no as much detailing as the Rock Rey plus you get all these extra parts with it but most of which don't fit it their for other Axial vehicles I don't get that?