The Axial SCX24 has taken RC crawling by storm, and it’s not stopping now. As one of the most capable out-of-the-box ready-to-run micro rock crawlers, it only gets better with upgrades. Fortunately, there is no lack of after-market upgrade parts due to its wild popularity. Let’s break down some of the best and most popular options for the Axial SCX24.

Lowering the Center of Gravity

Just like a 1/10 Rock Crawler, the SCX24 benefits greatly from adding weight down low. This helps lower the center of gravity for your rig and keeps it right-side up on tough trails and rough terrain. The best way to do this is by swapping lighter plastic parts for heavier metal parts in places like wheels and axles.

Increasing Grip

If you’re struggling with finding traction on your terrain of choice, the right tires will make all the difference. On top of helping you climb, they’ll also look cool and add some uniqueness to your ride. RC4WD currently has a selection of Axial SCX24 tires. And with popularity for micro crawlers growing, there are surely more to come.

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Making it Unique

As with any RC, there is no right or wrong way to upgrade your Axial SCX24. The best part is that you can make it entirely your own, and exactly what you want. On top of performance upgrades, there are tons of accessories and parts you can use to customize your rig. Things like SCX24 bodies, and 1/24 scale accessories will help create a realistic micro crawling experience.

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Ready for the next step in RC Rock Crawling?

The Axial SCX10 III is the ultimate in 1/10 scale rock crawling. Packed with features and built to conquer the toughest terrain, the SCX10 III is one of the most capable crawlers on the market. But it doesn’t stop there. With endless upgrades and accessories available this rig is fully customizable to be exactly what you want. Whether it be a scale replica of your dream truck or a competitive crawling machine.