Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit

Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit
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The Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit gives you everything you need to build an SCX10 II slider, and the freedom to finish it off with your choice of body, tires, and wheels! This makes it easier for everyone to build a custom rig. You get the same scale AR44 high pinion axles, chassis-mounted servo mount, redesigned 3 gear transmission, front mounted battery tray, all aluminum suspension links, and suspension designed for nearly zero bump steer. These are just some of the features that make the SCX10 II optimized for performance. The Raw Builders Kit gives you what you need to create a machine that’s as custom as it is capable!


  • AR44™ Single Piece Axles:
    • Single piece axle housing for strength.
    • Small pumpkin for increased clearance and scale realism.
    • Optimized gear ratio (3.75) for reduced torque twist.
    • High pinion gears for added ground clearance, better driveshaft angles, and increased durability.
  • AX10™ Transmission:
    • Scale looks on the outside — strong, all-metal Axial® gears on the inside!
    • Mimics a real transmission with bell housing, oil pan, and 4X4 transfer case.
    • 56T spur gear and 15T pinion — 32-pitch for durability.
    • Final drive ratio (FDR) 40.44 with a range from 33.69 - 54.15.
    • Efficient driveline with improved driveshaft angles to reduce stress on moving parts.
    • Includes a full set of ball bearings.
  • AR44™ Universal Axle Set:
    • Universal joint axles allow up to 45 degrees of steering and provide smoother action for a higher performing, efficient drivetrain.
    • Hardened steel construction.
  • All Aluminum Suspension Links:
    • All links are metal, including the steering.
    • 4-Link rear suspension geometry reduces axle steer and torque twist.
    • Custom tapered center – flared ends design.
    • Large M4 rod ends.
    • Gray anodized aluminum.
  • CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo):
    • Servo is moved from the top of the axle onto the chassis, just as a full-size truck's steering box is located on the frame.
    • Enhances scale looks with proper suspension geometry.
    • Anodized aluminum links included with M4 rod ends.
    • Adjustable servo mounting system allows a wide range of servos to be used.
    • Properly designed suspension for nearly zero bump steer.

Type: SCX10 Chassis Vehicle
Scale: 1/10
Length: 19.25 in (489mm)
Width: 8.9 in (226mm)
Height: 9.4 in (239.4mm)
Ground Clearance: 3.0 in (77mm)
Wheelbase: 11.4 in (287mm) or 12.0 in (304.8mm) or 12.3 in (312.4mm)
Weight: 4.0 lb (1.81kg)
Chassis: SCX10, C-Channel Steel
Suspension: Solid Axle
Drivetrain: 4WD
Gear Pitch: 32 Pitch
Kit/RTR: Kit
Shock Type: Coil-Over 2.4 - 3.5 in (61-90mm)


  • (1) Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit
  • (1) User Manual

Needed To Complete:

  • 2-3S LiPo Battery and Charger
  • Suitable LiPo Charger
  • Radio & Receiver
  • ESC & Motor
  • Your choice of 1/10 scale body, tires, and wheels.
  • (4) AA Batteries

This product was added to our catalog on November 5, 2018

Verified Owner
Friday, Jan 11 2019 (about 2 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit
This SHOULD be the 2018 New RC Product of the Year!!! It's really a revolutionary idea. A BARE BONES SCX10 II Kit, without ANYTHING that you'd end up getting rid of up front (with the exception of the HORRIBLE leaky Plastic Shocks that they included - possibly just for Display).

The Perfect Starter for your Project, it's a bare Chassis, ready for you to build whatever your Heart desires!! Besides the awful Shocks, it IS a hardcore SCX10 Backbone, proven Strong.

The fact that it INCLUDES 3 sets of Links, to build either an 11.4", 12", or 12.3" Wheelbase, is really the icing on the cake!!
I'd recommend this to anyone.
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jan 12 2019 (about 2 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit
Budget for upgraded shocks as the stock plastic shocks are leaky. Otherwise the Raw Kit is a great way to build your own project crawler/trail truck.
Tuesday, Jun 9 2020 (about a year ago)
Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit
This is my first SCX10. Decided to go with the Raw Builders Kit since I wanted a specific body and wheels. Bought Pro-Line shocks before the build due to all the bad things I heard about the factory shocks. Can't understand why Axial still includes shocks that are supposed to be so bad. Build went fairly well, even considering the flawed instructions. The instructions bounce around on parts from different bags, sometimes without saying which bag the part they are showing is in. Plus a few of the illustrations are poor.

I really expected better parts quality due to all the good things I heard about Axial. Found the plastic to be thin and very soft. I would assume since it's a crawler/trail truck that making the plastic a little thicker would add useful weight to the truck. Bought an aluminum servo arm from Axial but had to carve out some plastic from the link end that Axial mounted directly below the servo. Had to reduce the steering trim a lot due to the link mount location, servo arm hits it. There is a lot of flex in the chassis after assembly.

Still waiting on parts so haven't run the truck yet but I hope it will really impress me. I do like that Axial includes many extra plastic parts. I assume it's in case something brakes. Those extra parts could be useful for some custom addition. It does look good though.
Verified Owner
Monday, Jan 28 2019 (about 2 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit
This kit is destined for builders maybe that's why some stock parts are totally disposable. You want to upgrade your shocks, axles, and braces as soon as possible.
if you really want a custom build is better to start from rails. with this kit, you are paying for several disposable parts.
Verified Owner
Friday, Jan 11 2019 (about 2 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit
This was an excellent choice for me as I have extra tires bumpers Motors ESC Cervantes other things so I love it and I put hey Hardbody on it and it turned out perfect!! I love the turning radius of the Axial SCX10 II kit thanks again guys great idea:) M
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jul 28 2021 (3 months ago)
Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit
It is an excellent kit….very smooth transmission, not too difficult to build if you’ve had previous experience with kit building…Axial should really step up to the plate and include metal bodied shocks….!
Monday, Apr 29 2019 (about 2 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit
Did find the Raw Builders Kit to be a fairlyenjoyable build for my first Axial-based crawler. However, was put off that the included shock bodies were plastic and having to build via pictorial instructions only (without written commentary). Must add that the SCX10 II chassis is a lot more flexible than I would have expected.

In my mind, the new UMG10 kit at $100 more would have been a better choice to build for Axialfest. It has an interesting body and aluminum bodied shocks included.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Sep 28 2021 (2 weeks ago)
Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit
This is an excellent choice for the builder. The platform is basic enough and at the price that allows the most efficient use money for upgrade parts from the get go. Most RC enthusiasts understand its not about the destination but the journey and this kit is the best starting point that has value for money as well. After market options and cross platform compatibility is probably the best out there which is a creative/technical builders heaven. A lot of crawler builds are focused on portal axles but this rig with it's stock plastics can be built very light and low CG that can out perform most portals.

A lot of people complain about the stock plastic shocks leaking but if your focusing on a light weight rig it may be beneficial to work with them. One way I found to minimize the leak or even stop it, is to make a tighter fit between the shock body and the O-ring plastic cap by sanding the two mating surfaces very lightly. This effectively increases the pressure subjected to the O-ring making them expand more when the cap is tightened which then grips the shock shaft tighter thereby addressing the leak. Be careful not to sand to much as you don't want binding of the shock shaft.
Verified Owner
Friday, Aug 27 2021 (7 weeks ago)
Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit
I only just revived this product it took for ever to get to Australia it went all over the States of USA why i do not now, but on opening the box i was greeted with a lot of plastic parts which i think will break on the first good roll off rocks. If this is the type of product that you are going to charge big dollars for then i think we should look else where for our RC Products.
When we buy a product from the States you want it to last not break in the first 10 minutes of use like some Asian products.
Verified Owner
Friday, Aug 20 2021 (8 weeks ago)
Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit
The axial scx10ii raw builders kit is a great platform easy to build and durable for my application, I don't use the stock shocks tho and I like that it comes with different wheelbase options ??
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Aug 11 2021 (2 months ago)
Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit
I love the scx10ii.. The kit was pretty easy to build not sure why some things are so different then the rtr version but it went well .
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jul 28 2021 (3 months ago)
Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit
I have bought a few of these kits and while yes:

- the shocks are garbage. leak leak leak... however they do perform okay.
- ring and pinion gears need to be shimmed.
- you'll have to shave a bit to fit a 550 motor.

Otherwise, the price and value you get to get started is great, i enjoy piecing builds together and have built this kit 5-6 times for my friends and for them... this kit works great.

10.2 vs 10.3 rtr kit... I really enjoy piecing my owns parts so the 10.2 price tag and room i budget is still something i consider.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, May 11 2021 (5 months ago)
Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit
The product was packed and shipped promptly. The product was also received in excellent condition. Also very happy with the product and the price.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Mar 30 2021 (7 months ago)
Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit
It was my first time with a kit and I really enjoyed it. The instructions were good and plenty of aftermarket parts avaliable. I'm ready to get another one.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jan 27 2021 (9 months ago)
Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit
This is a great kit! I had a good time putting it together and I would highly recommend this for anyone interested in this hobby and looking to go to the next step. The kit is very complete and comes with many extras. I am enjoying my new truck very much
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Dec 9 2020 (10 months ago)
Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit
Build was nice quality directions where easily understood I would buy another for sure
Verified Owner
Thursday, Oct 15 2020 (12 months ago)
Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit
Great kit !! Looking forward to getting it on the trail.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Oct 15 2020 (12 months ago)
Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit
Great kit quality. Recommended for beginner in trophy!
Verified Owner
Sunday, Oct 11 2020 (about a year ago)
Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit
Very good kit. I found it mostly easy to put together and I'm an extreme novice to assembling RC kits. The biggest challenge so far has been placing the metal retention discs onto the metal rod for the shocks. Almost impossible to do without causing damage to the discs which are extremely small and very easy to damage. Aftermarket shocks might be worth your time and frustration
Verified Owner
Thursday, Oct 8 2020 (about a year ago)
Axial SCX10 II Raw Builders Kit
Great product everything was as advertised. All parts went together good and instructions were detailed, it was my first build and it was finished in 5 hours.