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Emir Mansouri
Verified Owner
Sunday, Mar 11 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Axial Racing EXO Terra 1/10th Electric 4WD Buggy Kit
Awesome buggy, put a 4 pole Tekin 4600kv with RX8, Proline Powershox and this thing is awesome. Loved building it, yes there are a few things that could have been thought out better but im happy. Im takiing it to the dunes next week end, cant wait to run it. Ohh and yes please to the hop ups. I say if you like a kit that performs & looks good with nice lights this is it. Nothing so far has come this close. Axial hands down has done a fantastic job, even the recall because of the wrong sun gears was done effectively. 8/10
Allen Carley
Saturday, Mar 3 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Axial Racing EXO Terra 1/10th Electric 4WD Buggy Kit
Sorry a main but had to buy mine at another supplier due to lack of stock. Let me start by saying what a cool looking scale buggy. Its fast with a novak havoc sc pro and the ballistic 550 4.5, wayyyy fast. Was an easy build and is common to most short course or any other vehicle with the 8th scale layout. Thats about were the positives end. Most of what im about to say is my opinion thats based on a couple decades of rc expierence. Lets keep in mind that this kit costs around 350$? OK, why? For 350$ of our hard earned money goes to a kit with PLASTIC shocks? PLASTIC? Yup had to say it twice. Next is it comes with DOGBONES all around??? Let continue to keep in mind this is a 350$ kit. The differentials are of a 4 gear design. Thats 2 sun gears and 2 planetary gears. IS it me or are 2 more planetary gears missing? Every kit ive built has had a 6 gear diff and i can make a promise that with the 550 systems and the soft plastic diff cases that the diffs will eventually explode. If you buy this kit you will find many little things scratching your head, like the way the outer hinge pins are held on with just a set screw, the soft plastic and the single set crew will equal you losing the hinge pin and most likely the dogbone or just keep spare arms around because when that little set screw strips out the soft plastic arm you will not have muct chioce but to replace it. Thats about all i think ive ripped on this thing good enough. Dont get me wrong with another 200$ + in desperately need upgrades you will have a awsome buggy you can race. Just have to add that inside the box it says "for racers". OK racers have you ever taken your race car/truck to the track with dogbones and plastic shocks?? Its also a fact that by the time you buy this kit, the electronics and the needed upgrades you could have a fully ready to race factory team RC8.2E!!!!! Thats no joke, thats a top of the line 8th scale e buggy with say a mamba system. Axial should of put more into the buggy then they did to have those fancy names like hankook or griffin. Honestly would you rather have aluminum shocks or cvds, or have tires that say hankook on the side or a fake radiator that says griffin???? IM not saying dont buy it, just be prepared to do some upgrading and spending a ton of money on it to make it reliable. and just a heads up the proline powerstroke shocks will work awsome on this kit. There you go another 100$ just to have decent/proper style shocks. LOL
mitchell solomon
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Apr 10 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Axial Racing EXO Terra 1/10th Electric 4WD Buggy Kit
love it put a velenion system in it 2s lipo extra fast, looks awesome almost want another just to let it sit and look cool. but its a pain to work on. have to remove a lot just to get to almost everything. ok for at home but not the field. front control arms are weak sauce. could have skipped on the fake radiator (cool) but would of liked to see better plastic or even aluminium. and getting the front tires aligned are a pain or they were for me. getting the 4 turnbuckles set right took time. would of rather seen some nice aluminium parts rather pretty name stickers or tires. but with a little modification and some hop ups later this thing could be amazing. 5 out 0f 5 for looks 3.75 for performance for weak control arms and dog bones for a nearly 400 dollar kit.
Marvin R Lyman
Verified Owner
Monday, Sep 10 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Axial Racing EXO Terra 1/10th Electric 4WD Buggy Kit
This is a great kit... I love the tubular frame, instead of a bulky body... yet installing the interior hinders any repairs.. so I left it out of my build.. I like the kit because I have the choices of what motor/.esc I can use, instead of a 2900kv motor I choose a 4000kv Hpi esc water proof system that's besides the point... the kit is easy to assemble and instructions are plain... everything is there, just have to find some parts...The tie rod and camber struts could be a bit more beefy... yet I hope there will be some up grades down the road. overall this is the way to go even for a short course rig... heavy enough to be stable on corners and fast enough to be competitive GREAT KIT THANKS AXIAL
Stanislav Aksenov
Monday, Jul 1 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Axial Racing EXO Terra 1/10th Electric 4WD Buggy Kit
Very cool buggy. Hard to compare it to anything on the market because: a) it's not a race buggy; too heavy, too many decorations, b) not a SCT because, well, open-wheel. But it is somewhere in between. Definitely a looker. The kit was a bit of pain to build. I spent about 7 hours all together. I did not, however, and I recommend you do the same, put the interior in. That way you can take the battery through the front "window" without much hassle. Take the roof off and you have access to the motor and spur (still have to remove the cage for motor removal though). Reliability-wise, I would give it 3.5/5. The bulk of the vehicle will have you smashing and bending the front bumper far enough to where your landings will be absorbed by the wheels alone. You will most likely bend front hinge pins and aluminum toe block (!). Rear chassis guard will be ripped off in no time. Stock shocks are very cheap: caps pop off like a clock (especially front). Shafts are nice though (TiNi), and I kept them after rebuilding shocks with STRC parts (expensive). Do not mount the light bar, if you bash. It will get ripped off (top screws will come out and it will just sit in the window). Arms are surprisingly strong - flexible like RPM parts usually are. All in all, it's worth the money ($200, not $300+ like when it came out). I have 4000kV GeForce motor with 120Amp Hobbywing WP-SC8 and 16T pinion. Keep diffs tightly sealed and run thicker oil (I run 60F/60R/100C).
Jamie McDaniel
Friday, Apr 13 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Axial Racing EXO Terra 1/10th Electric 4WD Buggy Kit
This is by far the best looking car I have ever had and I think with some upgrades it could be awsome it seems to handle realy well and I like not having the big bulky short course truck body. But I got to say I expected more for 350. Dont get me wrong I realy like this and I cant wait tell they come out with some upgrades cause this needs it. It needs stronger a arms alumium shock towers, cvds ext. the motor mount is not my favorite but seems to work. But i guess all cars need upgrades and i dont mind that i just expected more for the price. but im still glad i got this cause like ive said its super cool. it is a bit harder to work on then anything else i have but its solid.