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Wednesday, Jan 11 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Axial Racing 2.2 Internal Wheel Weight Ring (57g/2oz)
Quick, clean, and easy way to add weight, but read carefully. The product name says "(2)", but the description clearly says that the package "includes the ring for 1 wheel." The ring, of course, comes in two pieces. I didn't read, and I'm stuck with only enough weight for one wheel and now the product is on back order. Whoops. Had I realized that it was going to cost me about $20 for 8oz up front I probably would have stuck with the 'ol stick-on lead weight strips. Great product, but not very cost effective.
Shuky Sela
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Apr 22 2014 (about 2 years ago)
Axial Racing 2.2 Internal Wheel Weight Ring (57g/2oz)
The title is misleading! It says (2) rings, but it is actually a single ring made of 2 halfs. It is as if someone wrote (6) on beadlock 3 pieces rims package (2 rims ...) I would have never paid this price for a single ring, not to mention I am screwed as I have only one ring - need to order again a second piece. Also I would have expected someone at amain to notice I have ordered a full new rim set, but only one weight. It is a shame I would need to pay the shipping again and the waisted time of waiting.