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Daniel Hallgren
Verified Owner
Monday, Jul 28 2014 (about 2 years ago)
Avid RC RC8.2 Hard Anodized Front Shock Tower
Bought these towers,both front and back to upgrade my RC8B. I also wanted to get rid of the front original upper arm system. This is the most important info, you DON´T need to buy the vertical steering system from AE as the info suggests! You only need to buy(if you don´t have in spare) a set of AE camber rod ends: ASC89076, use the long rod ends in combo with the longer ball studs and the same length of screw 3x20mm(same as mounted in rear of the car. Also mount a silver cone washer on each side of the tower before you mount the rod end to get the right angle. Have crashed hard with the car several times and the strength is excellent!, Not a scratch on the towers! Love these towers! Hope this info was a help to you.