Avid RC 1mm Offset Insert Complete Set (12)

Avid RC
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This is an optional Avid RC 1mm Offset Insert Complete Set, and is intended for use with the Team Associated RC8 line of 1/8 scale vehicles. This set includes all three version of the 1mm Offset Insert Bushings to allow for a redesigned range of tuning using your kit supplied suspension mounts. After countless hours of testing, the AVID team is offering up this simple solution to allow racers to customize their suspension to get lower or higher roll centers, as well as being able to move all of the other pivots on the chassis. The combinations are practically endless.


  • Set includes 12 inserts: (4) 1 Dot, (4) 2 Dot and (4) 3 Dot. 1 Dot inserts include 4 of the 1 Dot inserts. 2 and 3 Dot inserts include 2 left and 2 right inserts marked with dot indicators as well a L and R.
  • 1mm offset lowers the rear inner arm pivot for a lower roll center when used in D-plate.
  • Precision machined delrin with dot indicators as well a L and R for the 2 and 3 dot inserts.
  • Inserts also fit the ASC89461 Front B-plate to lower the front roll center to a middle location between the standard RC8B and the RC8.2 low B plate ASC89481.
  • Weight: 0.43g (each)


  • By using this 1mm Offset Insert Bushing (1 Dot) in the D plate of the RC8.2 with the hinge-pin hole in the lower position (closet to ground), you are lowering your roll center which will increase rear traction. A common setup trend on the RC8.2 is to run more rear toe by running 2 or even 3 Dot out. By running our offset insert you may run less toe while still maintaining the same level of confidence you had when you ran 4 - 5 degrees. The benefit comes into play with more control of your car in the turn due to less toe angle fighting the inconsistency of the track surface. And even though more rear toe gives more rear bite it does cause the car to initially respond very quickly while entering a turn before the chassis roll has begun which can get you into trouble sometimes.
  • Insert Chart which can be used to determine the settings you need and also includes chart data if you are currently using GHEA blocks.

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