Avant Mostro 700 Electric Helicopter Kit w/DFC Head (Neon Yellow)

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This is the Avant Mostro 700 Electric Helicopter Kit, with the DFC Head. The Avant Mostro series is the latest offering from Avant to push current helicopter trends into tomorrow. The Mostro most notably features the unique Mostro "Mono-block" design that houses all the elements of the electronics for the helicopter. Acting as a solid superstructure, the single block "Mono-block" is the core of the machine; it is actually the flying helicopter. In fact, the mono-block is interchangeable between nitro and electric frames - just swap frames and go. Other special features include an improved DFC head, sleeker tail boom design, improved servo layout and NACA canopy inlets that allow air to cool the electronics with minimal drag.

In-Depth Features:

  • Improved DFC Head: The RigidCore head uses polymer-based DFC follower arms that create the perfect response while remaining durable, yet precise. Unlike other designs, the DFC pivot point doesn't rest on a screw, it rests on a milled shaft integral to the pitch arm eliminating the fatigue point of a screw interface.
  • Improved Servo Layout: Designed to minimize the distance between the swashplate and servos without awkward placement, the Mostro's improved servo layout allows for less delay between the flybarless gyro sensors resulting in more precise movements.
  • Additional Servo Support: The addition of bearing-grade bronze bushings that receive a small stainless steel shaft added to the servo screw relieves the load that the servo shaft applies to the servo case. By relieving that extra force, you drastically extend the life of your servos. The kit comes with the correct threads and lengths for several popular servo brands.
  • Sleeker Tail Boom Design: The removal of the boom supports provides a more eye appealing helicopter. The round, carbon fiber tail design is ideal to handle the amount of torque the tail receives. The larger distance between the boom clamps decreases the bending force applied to the boom, and a larger contact area between the boom clamp and the actual boom distributes the pressure among a larger area, protecting the tube from damage due to excessive tightening.
  • Advanced Aerodynamic Cooling: With use of a special air inlet designed by engineers at NACA the Mostro's canopy allows for a high flow of air intake and minimizes the drag. A diverting plate mounted inside the helicopter directs the air to the ESC and motor area.
  • Generously Sized Main Gear: Equipped with a large diameter main gear and a specially engineered helical angle, the Mostro is best suited to the application it is used for in the RC heli world. The large diameter gear implies lower forces per tooth applied, and the larger size of the tooth itself means much stronger strength at the base of the larger tooth. A correctly designed helical gear gives you the quiet ride of the helical gear system with minimized undesirable axial force effect.
  • Designed For Higher Capacity Batteries: The Mostro 700 can accommodate up to 8000mAh batteries providing extended flight times.
  • Mostro "Mono-block" Design: With the Mono-block design, all elements of the electronics for the helicopter mounted in a rigid superstructure. No part rests on the flexible frames unless it needs dampening.
  • Metal Version Of Aurora Tail System: The Mostro features a metal version of the previous Aurora Tail System. The large travel allows for minute precise corrections without overshoot and it's corresponding error correction by the gyro system.


  • (1) Avant Mostro Kit, w/DFC Head
  • (1) Fiberglass Canopy
  • (1) Instruction Manual

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Friday, Dec 12 2014 (about 2 years ago)
Avant Mostro 700 Electric Helicopter Kit w/DFC Head (Neon Yellow)
I actually thought I'd gotten a knockoff kit but it wasn't. Quality is terrible. Several of the main aluminum parts seemed unfinished with sharp burrs on many of the edges and questionable surface finishes which had goudges and scratches. Some of which were from the parts being loose in the packing and others from crappy tooling it seems. The CF parts had poorly finished edges as well. My particular kit was missing several pieces of hardware. Many parts did not fit well without alot of extra work. The main grips were not machined right and could not be properly assembled until new parts were purchased. It seems that I did not have an updated manual so, while the build was less complicated than the Aurora90, it is just as disappointing.

I am left with a tindge of buyer's remorse with this kit. While it flies well, getting it to a flying state is a bit of a task and not very much fun. It is not really worth the frustration and extra money to buy the parts that should have come with the kit in the first place. Parts are very hard to get so if you buy one, you better have another heli in case of a crash or you will be grounded. It may be a good idea to wait to buy one until all the problems get sorted out.

Of the top 3 helis, the Mostro might be the best flying, but the worst quality, least asthetic and least fun to build in my opinion. If you want something fun to build with great parts support and equally great flying characterisitics, I would suggest a Goblin or a Forza700. I sold this heli and purchased a Forza 700...the build was problem free, looks much better and it flies very well.)