Arrma Typhon 6S BLX Brushless RTR 1/8 4WD Buggy (Red/Black) (V4) w/STX2 2.4GHz Radio

Arrma Typhon 6S BLX Brushless RTR 1/8 4WD Buggy (Red/Black) (V4)
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The Arrma Typhon 6S BLX Brushless RTR 1/8 4WD Buggy is equipped to reach speeds of 70+ mph right out of the box! Designed fast, designed tough, and outfitted with the 2.4GHz Spektrum STX2 radio system, it's all set for fast action on all terrain, in all conditions!

To give intermediate-level bashers such incredible speed, ARRMA equips this new TYPHON speed buggy with powerful, 6S-capable brushless electronics. Its 2050Kv brushless motor is paired with the BLX185 ESC, featuring IC5 connectors and compatible with standard EC5 connectors. The waterproof electronics ably support all-weather bashing. Add your favorite 4S or 6S LiPo battery and watch this buggy smash your bashing speed expectations, especially while running with the optional recommended pinion gear.

New, low-drag buggy wheels arrive outfitted with super-aggressive, multi-surface DBoots KATAR B tires. A low-drag wing helps keep the vehicle grounded. Both contribute to confident control and responsive handling at thrilling high speeds.

The TYPHON 6S BLX 4WD speed buggy blasts over dirt, asphalt, grass - all terrain and all conditions - with adjustable oil-filled shocks soaking up the bumps. The shocks are mounted on black-anodized aluminum towers and include aluminum shock caps and protectors to maintain their super-smooth damping.

For the durability needed to support such intense brushless performance, ARRMA uses a strong anodized aluminum chassis as its foundation. Front and rear composite chassis braces and composite chassis side pods lend more strength. All-metal diff outdrives and gearbox internals plus durable steel driveshafts all contribute to a reliable, heavy-duty drivetrain that holds up to extreme bashing. A "never loose" aluminum steering servo saver and "never pop" ball ends supply more precision, reliability and confidence.

ARRMA holds your maintenance downtime to the minimum with an efficient, driver-friendly design. A sliding mount gives you quick, hassle-free access to the motor. The center diff is easy to reach and can be removed by taking out just four bolts. Topping it all off is a sleek buggy body with streamlined good looks, featuring a matte paint scheme in black and red with forged composite detail.

The ready-to-run TYPHON 6S BLX 4WD includes the new Spektrum 2.4GHz STX2 transmitter and comes with its SRX200 receiver and ADS-15M metal-geared servo already factory-installed. The only required items are a 4S or 6S LiPo battery, compatible charger, safe charging bag, and four AA transmitter batteries.


  • Ready-to-run
  • Extremely durable
  • Fast, 70+ mph speed potential *
  • 150A, 6S LiPo ready (3S, 4S and 6S LiPo compatible)
  • Anodized aluminum chassis
  • Strong front and rear composite chassis braces
  • Strong composite chassis side pods
  • Heavy-duty drivetrain
  • All-metal diff outdrives and gearbox internals
  • Durable steel driveshafts
  • Easy-access sliding motor mount
  • 4-Bolt center diff removal
  • Never-pop ball ends
  • Never loose red aluminum servo saver
  • Oil-filled adjustable shocks
  • Black anodized aluminum front and rear shock towers
  • Aluminum shock caps and protectors
  • Matte paint scheme with forged composite detail
  • High-speed, low-drag wing
  • Strengthened wing mounts
  • Low-drag 1/8 buggy wheels
  • Multi-terrain DBoots® KATAR B tires
  • Super-durable wheel hubs
  • Hub nut O-rings
  • Spektrum™ 2.4GHz STX2® Radio with SRX200 Receiver
  • BLX4074 2050Kv brushless motor
  • BLX185 waterproof 4S/6S ESC (fitted with IC5™ connector and EC5™ compatible) **
  • ADS-15M waterproof 15kg-cm metal-geared servo (195 oz-in @ 6V) **
  • 2-year limited warranty (see website for details).

* Speed achievable in optimum conditions on 6S LiPo with optional pinion gear 
** For details on waterproof standards, please refer to the product instruction manuals 

Type: Buggy
Scale: 1/8
Length: 20.08" (510mm)
Width: 12.2" (310mm)
Height: 7.48" (190mm)
Ground Clearance: 1.85" (47mm)
Wheelbase: 12.91" (328mm)
Weight: 7.52lbs (3.42kg)
Chassis: 0.12" (3mm) thick 6061-T6 aluminum
Suspension: Independent
Drivetrain: 4WD Shaft Drive
Tire Type: dBoots KATAR B, 4.65" (118mm) diameter
Motor or Engine: 4074 Brushless, 2050Kv, sliding mount for easier maintenance
Speed Control: BLX185 150A w/cooling fan, 6.0V/3A continuous output, 12A max, IC5 battery connector
Radio: Spektrum STX2 2-channel with SRX200 Receiver
Servos: ADS-15M waterproof 15kg-cm metal-geared servo
Speed: 70 mph+
Gear Pitch: 1.0 Module
Wheel Size: 3.27" (83mm) diameter, 1.6" (41mm) width
Shock Type: Oil-filled, coil-over springs, filled with 1000cst silicone shock oil
Body: Trimmed and painted molded polycarbonate, new body mounts for better adjustability and durability
Ball Bearings: Full ball bearing drivetrain
Experience Level: Intermediate
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Is Assembly Required: No


  • (1) ARRMA TYPHON 6S BLX 4WD 1/8 Speed Buggy RTR
  • (1) Spektrum 2.4GHz STX2 Radio Transmitter
  • (1) Product Manual

Needed To Complete:

  • (2) 2S or 3S 50C LiPo batteries with IC5/EC5 connector or
  • (1) 4S or 6S 50C LiPo battery and harness with IC5/EC5 connectors
  • Suitable LiPo balancing charger
  • (4) AA batteries (for transmitter)
  • LiPo charging bag or case (recommended)

This product is expected to arrive on Thursday, October 8 2020

Verified Owner
Friday, Nov 8 2019 (10 months ago)
Arrma Typhon 6S BLX Brushless RTR 1/8 4WD Buggy (Red/Black) (V4)
I have been a nitro guy for many years. With the exception of a few RC boats, this is my first time dabbling with electric. Personally, I like the challenge of tuning nitro engines, not to mention the sound of the exhaust.
With that said.... let me talk about the Typhon. I think its a well made car. I ran it a few times so far, it runs well, handles well, so far, no maintenance at all. In my opinion, the down side is the run time of lipos. I tend to run pretty hard, mostly running full throttle. Regardless of what type of battery configuration I have run, I only get 10-12 minutes of run time. You need a wheelbarrow full of lipos to run for any length of time.
I have not attempted to run on pavement as of yet. I ran it as it came right out of the box. Here are the speed numbers I got from different battery configurations.
Single 3s SMC 5200 MAH ---- 24.5 mph---- like watching paint dry
Dual 2s ProMatch Racing 7200 MAH, running on 4S ---33.0 mph--- like watching baseball on TV
Dual 3s Revos 5000 MAH, running 6s----49.9 mph----not overly impressive
I have only run the car on baseball fields. The grass was a bit tall. Maybe 4" or so. The infields are smooth dirt, but not big enough to let it run for any length of time. I am sure the grass has slowed it down somewhat. My next test run will be with the on road pinion that is supplied in the box and run it on pavement. Will it get close to the 70 mph speed Arrma claims????

I installed the optional pinion gear that was supplied in the box. I ran it at a huge open concrete parking lot. I have to say, it is powerful. While I was getting accustomed to running it on concrete, on my 3rd pass, the right rear tire blew apart. GPS speed was 62 mph. I think there is more in it, as I didn't get the chance to hold the throttle open before the tire blew apart. So, the moral of this story is..... despite there being no mention in the instruction manual about running the tires supplied with the car on concrete, I don't think its a good idea. Arrma should recommend swapping the tires to on roads before you wreck the car with a blown tire.
Verified Owner
Sunday, Apr 12 2020 (5 months ago)
Arrma Typhon 6S BLX Brushless RTR 1/8 4WD Buggy (Red/Black) (V4)
Of the 4 Arrmas we have this is definitely a family favorite. I got this one for my daughter 11 and find that me, my wife and 6 year old son always want to rip around the back yard with it when the grass is real short. We started her out on 4s at 50% power whith the throttle rate turned down, and now both kids can run the crap out of it full speed on 4s and about 75% full throttle rate at punch 6 with the 16t outcast speed pinion (2 more teeth). I am almost as impressed with their ability to get to this point in like a month as I am with the car itself. This thing is an absolute pleasure to drive. It is really fast, glued to the ground like it's on rails, turns on a dime, jumps incredibly well, and won't seem to break. I built a little 30 ish degree kicker, slight concave ramp about a foot or so high. We zip around the yard and send it flying off the ramp. The drive area is not probably 80 to 100 ft by about 20 ish, so fairly small and we can send this thing probably 4 to 6 ft high over 10 to 20 ft with hardly any run up and it handles it like a champ no matter how you land. But, this thing flies and lands really well most of the time even for the kids. On 6s it even corrects pretty well in the air. The car is insanely fast, I cannot even imagine the 22t speed pinion...but that is speed run only type use. We like to bash, blitz, drift, jump and drive it like we would only dream of. So, needless to say I have been blown away by the performance and durability. This is faster, more stable and more nimble than the Kraton 6s, but it will get hot quick driving in grass. So, make sure the grass is nice and short and maybe put a motor fan on it. The tires suck for the street we about shredded the tread off on just a couple street sessions they were almost bald. There were great on the dirt new, but Arrma should have put a heartier tread on these so they would not wear out so fast. I am going to truggify this soon (check it out on YouTube- Rich Duperbash)(Kraton 6s hubs, axle stubs, and hexes) this gives about 1 inch width and allows bigger wheels like mx28s, badlands etc. That will make it more versatile for off road and grass because bigger tires give more clearance and more aggressive tread... think mini MT, and if you want to drive on the street get good street tires or slicks that will last because this thing hauls a$$ and slides around alot as you turn at those speeds. The radio sucks, laggy, cheap feeling piece...the wheel return spring broke and I had to tear it apart bend another loop out and reattach it. This has not happened on the outcast or notorious yet, but this thing needs to be replaced with a nicer radio in the near future almost anything would be an upgrade. The servo has done fine in this and the Kraton so far, I imagine it will last fine in this buggy, I did upgrade the notorious servo when I got it (before it was a problem like everyone warns), I will keep the stock as a back up for this. Anyway, this car is sick. If you favor a crisp driver with tight handling, crazy speed and unbelievable stability this is the next best thing to a full on professional track racing buggy and may rival even some of those. And this thing has taken some serious abuse and all it needs is some tires soon because the tread on these will not hold up to any amount of street or parking lot driving if your going very fast at all. Hope this helps someone. We all love this car and are pretty sure just about anyone else will as well, unless you are looking to drive rougher terrain, although a truggified typhon is a significant step in that direction and offers a really neat and versatile platform. Either way it is a solid choice we are happy to be able to play with.
Friday, Jul 24 2020 (8 weeks ago)
Arrma Typhon 6S BLX Brushless RTR 1/8 4WD Buggy (Red/Black) (V4)
I’ve been enjoying tic bashing for a little while now, for a long time I stuck mainly to losi brand. Although finally after seeing several armma cars on the track on a regular basis, and seeing them just taking jump after jump I decided when I went to 6s I was going to give them a chance. Unfortunately when I went to go buy one the only 6s basher they had was the typhoon. I decided why not give it a try, glad I did thing is just flat out impressive had no issues sat all, although it needs a decent size area to truly get the speed and big jumps. It was enjoyable even on small tracks. If I had any complaints it also comes with a bit of good as well, and that’s the tires, the dB boots on the car do not like hard asphalt, literally melted all four through to flats on one battery while doing speed runs at a air field, the good part was till I completely wasted the tires the car stuck to the ground like glue, I won’t lie my hard driving and turns definitely warranted tire ware, but wasn’t expecting all four to be trashed on one battery. Overall great car and a week later I ordered the kraton exb because of this cars impression on me, and that one is a whole other monster.
Sunday, Apr 26 2020 (5 months ago)
Arrma Typhon 6S BLX Brushless RTR 1/8 4WD Buggy (Red/Black) (V4)
Been into R/C since the early 80s, but recently took a break. On a whim I saw this and had to have it. What a blast! Arrma makes cars pretty tough! I took mine off-road for the first time today and I had a big 'ol grin on my face the entire time. Tons of air, some not-so-good landings, and it kept coming back for more. Thoroughly impressed!!
Wednesday, Feb 12 2020 (7 months ago)
Arrma Typhon 6S BLX Brushless RTR 1/8 4WD Buggy (Red/Black) (V4)
This buggy is a beast! In my opinion, it's one of the best looking cars out there. The chassis is so low to the ground that it's very stable and really quick! After a few months of using it, I found out that you could use bigger 2.8 tires with a some modification. With the bigger tires it becomes known as a Truggified Typhon. I slapped on some Pro-Line Badlands MX28 on my Typhon and it's a different beast altogether! I love the versatility of the Typhon.
Verified Owner
Friday, Nov 15 2019 (10 months ago)
Arrma Typhon 6S BLX Brushless RTR 1/8 4WD Buggy (Red/Black) (V4)
I purchased the Typhon and I have to say I’m glad I did!
Great Job Arrma!
Verified Owner
Friday, Oct 4 2019 (12 months ago)
Arrma Typhon 6S BLX Brushless RTR 1/8 4WD Buggy (Red/Black) (V4)
Epic! I love it! You will love it too. It is very powerful buggy. It ran like a champ.
Friday, Jul 26 2019 (about a year ago)
Arrma Typhon 6S BLX Brushless RTR 1/8 4WD Buggy (Red/Black) (V4)
This is a GREAT basher! Super durable and STUPID FAST on a 6S battery. Honestly it flies on a 4S. I run mine a lot if the time in my back yard through grass using a 4S battery and it literally tears it up for about 20 minutes. Seriously, it's a tough buggy and a lot of fun.
Verified Owner
Monday, Jul 15 2019 (about a year ago)
Arrma Typhon 6S BLX Brushless RTR 1/8 4WD Buggy (Red/Black) (V4)
This buggy is the greatest buggy ever. Absolutely terrific. Everyone agrees. Other buggies, total disasters. Believe me.