Reviews for Arrma ADX-10 1/10 Electric RTR 2wd Buggy w/ATX300 2.4GHz, Battery & Charger (Green) [ARAD02GG]

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tony Flick
Saturday, Sep 14 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Arrma ADX-10 1/10 Electric RTR 2wd Buggy w/ATX300 2.4GHz, Battery & Charger (Green)
Let me say the box is super pretty! lol. It came very well packed. Alright so opening time! I was greeted with a awesome paint scheme and the duratrax rtr pack and the controller! So off to doing some inspections. First thing right off the back is the pinion gear wasnt even on! bumer but a easy fix. If your using a lipo you need to set the esc to lipo mode! and the only battery that i got to fit was this battery Fits perfect! I cut off the stupid moles connector and put bullets instead! fits very very well. Alright so once that was done off to the track! I put about 3 packs through it with plenty of crashes. I never droven a buggy only 4wd sct. Alright so first pack! broke nothing!! awesome! i even wrecked on a huge triple alot, it cleared it very easy since i run on a small indoor track! I noticed the shocks are way way to soft for indoor!. I put 30 weight oil and put more preload clips in the rear and it handles alot better! Second pack! I had a issue with the ball cup popping off on the front wheel hub! When i got home that day i put on some traxxas rod ends! I have yet to test the strenght of them! they are captured but we will see what happens. My pinion gear came off again and messed up the outside of my spur gear but is still usable! the arma comes with a 2 year warranty so i emailed them what happened and have yet to get a response!. But thats all that happened on my 2nd pack! crazy durable! 3rd pack!! I did some more tunning! the front suspension arms have alot of play so i removed the screw pin and added a washer to help the little play. PUT CA ON THE SCREW PINS!!! ASLO THE FRONT BRACE COMES LOOSE SO TAKE THE SCREWS OUT AND PUT SOME CA ON THEM!! CA!!!. Thats all that happened throught 3 packs! thats pretty good for a cheap buggy! Upgrades servo ( pick a good one because its a pain to change!) i used my dx4 controller lipo ( im keeping the brushed motor stock no brushless) I need to upgrade tires! fronts are fine rears suck! THIS BUGGY IS VERY VERY DURABLE! I GIVE IT A 5 STAR RATING!