Ares V-Hawk X4 RTF Vertical Take Off (VTOL) Airplane/Drone

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The Ares V-Hawk X4 is designed for pilots who are looking for a unique flying experience the ability to take off vertically like a helicopter or quadcopter and transition to flying like an airplane. This flying transition is made easy with the use of a pre-installed, innovative flight control board and pre-assembled rotating motor nacelles. With just the flip of a channel switch on your transmitter the motor nacelles rotate. As they do, the flight controller automatically changes the programming from flying like a quad to flying like an airplane with elevon controls. Simply flip the switch back to return to quad-flying mode.

The V-Hawk X4 is available in two versions that incorporate the reliable Hitec Red 2.4GHz radio protocol that's compatible with most Hitec systems already on the market. Choose either Ready-To-Fly (including a Hitec Red-enabled transmitter and receiver) or Pair-To-Fly (packaged with a Hitec Red receiver thats compatible with your existing Hitec transmitter). In addition to the RTF and PTF versions, the V-Hawk is also available in RFR (Ready-For-Receiver) form for customers who already have their own radio system.

The V-Hawk X4s durable EPO airframe comes nearly 100% pre-assembled and includes all four BL motors, four BL ESCs, a control board with stabilization, two 9g servos, one 17g MG servo, and even a 1300mAh 4S Li-Po battery (4S charger not included). The only assembly youll have to complete is gluing on the tail, and even the glue is included! So, if youre ready to take on the adventure of an airplane capable of performing vertical take-offs and landings (VTOL), and short take-offs and landings (STOL), the Ares Z-Line V-Hawk X4 is the airplane for you.


No Runway Needed
The Ares Z-Line V-Hawk X4 takes off vertically just like a helicopter or quadcopter then, at the flick of a switch, the nacelles automatically rotate and the V-Hawk transitions to forward flight, performing like a conventional airplane.

Flight Controller
The V-Hawks sophisticated flight control board takes care of the transition from hover to forward flight by switching the controls from quad to elevon mix, and vice versa when the time comes to land.

Hitec Red
Hitec Red technology is trusted by pilots worldwide to provide a supremely reliable and responsive radio link. Incorporating AFHSS (Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology, its perfect for aircraft ranging from micro quadcopters to giant warbirds. Look for any models with Hitec Red technology and just pair to fly with total confidence. All Hitec 2.4GHz aircraft radios use Hitec Red technology. Pair to fly with total confidence.

To suit your needs, three convenient versions of the V-Hawk are available, two of which incorporate Hitec Red protocol: choose either Ready To Fly (including a Hitec Red-enabled transmitter and receiver), Pair To Fly (supplied with a Hitec Red receiver compatible with your existing Hitec transmitter), or Ready For Receiver that gives you the freedom to fit our own Tx and Rx combo.


  • Rotating Motor Nacelles: With just the flip of a switch on your transmitter the motor nacelles gently rotate to transition your V-Hawk into, and out of, the hover. As they do the flight controller automatically changes the flight mode from a stabilized quad set-up to fixed-wing elevon control. Rotating motor nacelles allow you to fly from the smallest of spaces.
  • Tough and Practical: The fuss-free plug-in tricycle undercarriage facilitates storage, can be removed without tools, and is built to absorb the odd heavy landing!
  • In Full Control: Capable 9g elevon servos and a beefy 17g metal gear rotor tilt servo offer assured control and keep the V-Hawk locked-in through all phases of flight.
  • Factory Assembled: With the exception of adding the tail fin, the V-Hawk comes factory assembled and pre-painted in an eye-catching US Marines-style colour scheme.
  • Brushless Power: Four 2730kV brushless motors, four 12A brushless ESCs and a 1300mAh 4S LiPo offer a truly powerful and reliable combination.
  • Unique and Captivating: Perfect for experienced pilots the V-Hawk provides an ideal opportunity to fly an aircraft that not only presents a challenge but a unique and captivating sight in the air.
  • Arrives painted and trimmed in eye-catching US Marines scheme.
  • Innovative flight control board allows the V-Hawk to take off vertically, fly like a gyro stabilized quad, then transition to forward flight and revert to elevon control.
  • Almost 98% built, right out of the box - just add the tail fin (glue included).
  • A potentially superb FPV platform.
27.5" (696mm)
Wing Area: 241 sq. in.
Length: 33" (838mm)
All-up weight: 31oz (880g)
Battery: 4s (14.8V) 1300mAh LiPo
Servos: 2 x 9g and 1 x 17g metal gear
Motors: 4 x 2730 kV brushless
Propellers: 8" diameter (2 x clockwise, 2 x counterclockwise)
ESCs: 4 x 12A brushless

  • (1) Factory assembled V-Hawk X4 airframe (less fin)
  • (1) IKONNIK KA-6 6-channel 2.4GHz Hitec Red transmitter
  • (1) KA-6 6-channel Hitec Red receiver (RTF and PTF version only)
  • (1) 1300mAh 4S (14.8V) Li-Po battery
  • (1) Fin molding
  • (2) propeller set (including dome spinner nuts and adapters)
  • (1) Plug-in undercarriage and wheel set
  • (1) Tube of foam-friendly adhesive
  • (1) Quick-Start Guide

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carl staeblein
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jan 17 2017 (12 months ago)
Ares V-Hawk X4 RTF Vertical Take Off (VTOL) Airplane/Drone
this is a innovative aircraft,it is both a quadcopter and a airplane in one. the VTOL factor is impressive,but has minor servo issues,must be tested before each flight but if working correctly is a true joy to fly as it changes from a drone format into a true airplane configuration.this is the next generation of flight because it can fly anywhere,land anywhere,and does both really well,remember when changing flight modes to release the right stick as full forward in quad mode is nose dive in airplane mode,the transition is smooth if you stay on 3/4 or so throttle and release the other control until transition is complete,the reverse transition is easier and faster back to drone mode and then land it at you feet and feel the joy that new technology brings you,I have spare servos just in case ,you should too,thus is fun to fly,looks great in the air and it is all about fun right?)
randall huston
Wednesday, Apr 26 2017 (9 months ago)
Ares V-Hawk X4 RTF Vertical Take Off (VTOL) Airplane/Drone
I've had two of these since the first part of the year and they fly great! The transition from hover to forward flight and back is very easy and controllable. The forward flight is surprisingly fast and agile and the hover flight is controllable and smooth. I have one that I just fly and the other one I fly fpv with and it's a GREAT fpv platform!
I have two recent videos on youtube. Here is the video from the ground.
And here is FPV footage.
dave Miller
Sunday, Jan 15 2017 (about a year ago)
Ares V-Hawk X4 RTF Vertical Take Off (VTOL) Airplane/Drone
These are poorly built . Got the first one and it had major many to explain..then got new one for warranty and servo was bad right from mfg and other issue. If you buy one GO THROUGH IT WELL before maiden.)
Robert Stinson
Verified Owner
Sunday, May 7 2017 (8 months ago)
Ares V-Hawk X4 RTF Vertical Take Off (VTOL) Airplane/Drone
This is actually one of the best of the limited number of VTOL planes on the market. In hover mode, it is very stable. In airplane mode, it flies at a nice medium speed. I'd give it five stars except that it is not aerobatic. It'll do a very ugly loop or roll, but it doesn't like it, however, the novelty factor more than overcomes that for me, I just didn't want to mislead those looking for it to do everything. It sure is a crowd pleaser, though. Quality is fine, I've been flying mine for months with no problems. I recommend it.)
Del Allen
Monday, Mar 20 2017 (10 months ago)
Ares V-Hawk X4 RTF Vertical Take Off (VTOL) Airplane/Drone
This plane came from the factory with bad engines and servos. I spoke with the customer service dept. and they wanted to send me new ones for me to go inside the plane and fix myself. I just wanted a new plane. But was told that this was my only option. I have never heard of buying a product that is defective right out the box and because its %75 to send it back they wont fix it. HobbyTown I would strongly suggest you not buy or sell any items from Fireland. This was a gift to my son and to be told that there is no more options is sad. If we broke it I would have no issue but this was broken from the start. And to not get a refund or a new product is serious bad judgement by your service dept. When we have issue at my company I insure that our customers get their goods and services as promised. Not give them excuses. 800-205-6773 is a joke for service.)
Les Paul
Friday, Mar 10 2017 (10 months ago)
Ares V-Hawk X4 RTF Vertical Take Off (VTOL) Airplane/Drone
Piece of crap , the flight board went out and servo's burnt up ! be prepared to to put a different system in it ! 0-star rating . ty)
Sunday, Jul 16 2017 (6 months ago)
Ares V-Hawk X4 RTF Vertical Take Off (VTOL) Airplane/Drone
This is a good plane and a good VTOL.

But, if it won't bind, or motors won't turn, shake the transmitter (Tx). If you hear a rattle, open the Tx and look for a loose breadboard connected to the Tx antenna. It's about 1/4" x 3/4", and has a shiny metal plate on the back. Just plug that (8-pin?) mini-board back into the nearby socket. It won't stay plugged in forever, so secure it with a piece of soft foam, tape, or a touch of silicone. Another unusual quirk with my first V-Hawk was that, after binding, it SOMETIMES took up to 5 resets/restarts to get the motors to run, even thought all the other features would operate OK.

7-16-17, on sale at for $119. Good deal. But: don't try to fly in wind over 15 MPH, put rubber bands over nacelles to hold on the cowls, bind it quickly per instructions - at the correct distance, fly it 20 times as a quad BEFORE transitioning to airplane mode, and MAKE SURE you are flying forwards with gusto before transitioning to airplane mode! Always transition at 2 mistakes high or more, until you "get it". It is surprisingly hard to see the orientation if you fly it too far away, so don't do that.

If you have a nice, smooth, runway, it will take off and land as an airplane, so you can get some practice flights in that mode BEFORE trying the transition back to quad mode.

Note, HK makes a GREAT $20 In-Flight telemetry battery alarm that ALL PILOTS should buy and use for ALL AIRCRAFT! Your $20 will save $100's of dollars in repair/replacement costs!

When you glue on the fin, make sure you glue it JUST to the fuselage, and NOT to the rear wing. Also, check your prop adapters for tightness once every day BEFORE FLYING. If a prop gets loose and spins away, the Hawk will come down hard, and maybe upside-down.

Get some extra batteries, and use a timer or an on-board battery alarm when flying. Why? If you fly it too long, the motors quit ALL OF A SUDDEN, and you have no chance of saving it.)
Richard Wilson
Verified Owner
Sunday, May 7 2017 (8 months ago)
Ares V-Hawk X4 RTF Vertical Take Off (VTOL) Airplane/Drone
I have gone thru 3 of these, But they do work, Thanks to Shane who is one of Great people who work for Hobby Town in the Tech side of it, gave me a good program to go thru to make sure I did get my Moneys back and got a different plane, I sent the bad one off to a person who has been flying since 1958 and had to build their own items, He saw what had happened and fixed it, When corporate gets involved for money side of a project they do not help at all, Bean counters don't know Shit about how planes are built but they give you a budget so small to make things with cheap parts, I am now flying 1 of these, It took about $35.00 1 hr shop time to fix and fly,
Let me know if you want someone to fix these, I do have the right person for it.
Good Plane but parts are still to expensive for it .
Mine flys great now with just a few minor tweaks to it.
I am a Verified Buyer also)