Align T-Rex 600 Nitro V2 "Limited Edition" Helicopter Combo Kit w/Gyro, Servos & CF Blades

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This is the Align T-Rex 600 Nitro V2 "Limited Edition" Helicopter Combo Kit. The T-Rex 600N V2 is equipped with a re-designed rotor head system with multiple adjustment holes, allowing the machine to be fine tuned for either high control resolution or high stability based on the needs of the individual pilot. Additionally, the T-REX 600N V2 comes with a variety of performance upgrade components for a renewed look and improved performance. Plus, this combo package includes a 600D PRO Carbon fiber blade set, three DS610 digital cyclic servos, a DS620 digital rudder servo, the GP900 head lock gyro combo and a 2 In 1 voltage regulator combo!

600N V2 Features:
  • 600 sized programmable head assembly with 3 sets of positive and negative deltas, numerous Bell and Hiller mixing ratios available, along with various flybar ratio settings.
  • The head assembly allows pilots to benefit from higher control resolution as well as stability level, satisfying the need of both highly stable static categories as well as precision aerobatic categories.
  • Dual 3K carbon plate side frame design for ease of maintenance and resistance to torque induced flex.
  • Additional radial bearing is added to the top of the main gear hub to ensure stable rotation, and eliminate one way bearing jamming.
  • Re-designed unibody stainless steel tail drive gear center mount, for more precise tail drive gear and higher tolerance.
  • High quality carbon rudder control rod assembly using 5mm carbon rod and metal connectors, resulting in improved rudder control precision.
  • Re-designed tail gear box, with aesthetically pleasing material and improved maintenance.
  • Efficient tail drive system.
  • High speed rated thrust bearing in tail blade grips.
  • Highly efficient lightened engine cooling fan, reducing engine load and improving cooling efficiency.
  • Large diameter clutch system with unique installation method for good balance, minimal vibration, and effective power transfer.
  • Forward mounted rudder servo to protect it from exhaust contamination.
  • 95mm tail blades for sharp rudder response and excellent tail locking ability.
  • Unique H cross section shaped electronic mounting platform for easy electronic mounting and protection.
  • Large capacity 440cc fuel tank for up to 10 minutes of extreme 3D flights.
  • Starting and clutch supporting point utilizes 10mm one way bearing.
  • Ready to fly dry weight is only 3200g (7lbs).
  • Main fuel tank designed with fuel supply stabilization effect.
  • Light weight highly agile flybar system.
  • Impact resistant fiberglass canopy with 3 point hook mounting system for ease of install/removal.
  • Designed with concepts from large helicopter competitions, for the best static and dynamic flight performance.
GP900 Head Lock Gyro Features:
  • Utilizes MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) micro electronic sensors which are small, highly reliable, and highly stable.
  • 16 bit high processing speed CPU is used for ultra high resolution, resulting in higher rudder precision than previously possible, even on modern high powered helicopters.
  • Supports Spektrum and JR satellites, traditional receiver not needed.
  • Supports Futabs S-BUS system.
  • Supports both digital and analog servos.
  • Supports both wide and narrow band receivers.
  • Integrated RCE-G600 speed governor function, thus GP900 can provide speed governor function without additional electronics.
  • Suitable for all 200 to 700 size glow engine and electric helicopters
  • Higher vibration resistance than any other systems. Superior performance is achievable even with harder mounting foam tapes.
  • Support parameter setting through PC interface, as well as firmware updates.
  • Anti-torque compensation. Optimal tail locking achievable no matter if gyro is mounted upright or inverted.
600N V2 Specifications:
Length: 1160mm
Height: 398mm
Main blade length: 600mm
Main rotor diameter: 1350mm
Tail rotor diameter: 240mm
Engine pinion gear: 20T
Autorotation tail drive gear: 180T
Drive gear ratio: 8.5:1:4.5(E:M:T)
Flying weight: Approx. 3200g

GP900 Specifications:
Operating Voltage: DC 3.5~8.4V
Current Consumption: <80mA @ 4.8V
Angular Detection Speed: 600 degrees/sec
Operating Humidity: -20℃~65℃
RoHS certification: Yes
Operating Humidity: 0%~95%
Size: 36.5x25.2x15.6mm
Weight: 11g

  • (1) T-REX 600 Nitro V2 kit
  • (1) 600D PRO Carbon fiber blade set
  • (3) DS610 Digital servo
  • (1) DS620 Digital servo
  • (1) GP900 Head lock gyro combo
  • (1) 2 In 1 voltage regulator combo
Needed to Complete:
  • 7-channel or more, helicopter radio system
  • (1) Standard servo
  • (1) .50 class engine
  • (1) .50 class muffler
  • (1) Pitch gauge
  • (1) Super starter
  • Fuel & Fuel pump

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