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Roger Tuck
Verified Owner
Friday, Jan 11 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Align T-REX 550E Carry Bag (Black)
Yip, wish I would have read this before I ordered. My new 550 DFC won't fit either. I probably should have figured this out as it comes with a 600 tail boom assembly. Guess I'm exchanging for 600 bag so I can confuse it with the 600 I already have. By the way, the 550 DFC is nothing short of incredible to fly. Hey ALIGN! how about just adding a few inches to the bag length so it will cover all the 550e models?
Mike Simonds
Friday, May 27 2016 (4 months ago)
Align T-REX 550E Carry Bag (Black)
Great bag! keeps the dings to a minimum and the accessory and battery bags Velcro to the inner part of the Carry bag so you can just tote this with your Heli, batteries and some small tools and they even make a transmitter case that fits the DX8 perfectly. You could carry it all in this one bag if you leave your tools at home. But hey it is an Align so you will most likely not need any tools. 550 DFC with the 600 boom will fit with the canopy removed and the canopy fits under the tailboom wrapped in a piece of bubble wrap. I still carry my Dominator in this bag and the DFC in my 600 bag. :-O
Dustin Dotson
Saturday, Jul 7 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Align T-REX 550E Carry Bag (Black)
Will not fit new 550e DFC. The new 550 uses a 600 boom. Too long to fit.
KEN Roseboom
Verified Owner
Monday, Jun 18 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Align T-REX 550E Carry Bag (Black)
the product is very nice material , but will NOT fit a 550E FLYBARRED without the flybar sticking out the zipper(major foulup) this product is and should be labeled as "will fit FBL ONLY". Dont they check this stuff out anymore? Its a tight squeeze besides.