Reviews for Align T-REX 450PRO DFC Super Combo Helicopter Kit w/Motor/ESC/Gyro/Servos & Carbon Blades [AGNKX015087]

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Derek Forrester
Sunday, Nov 25 2012 (about 3 years ago)
Align T-REX 450PRO DFC Super Combo Helicopter Kit w/Motor/ESC/Gyro/Servos & Carbon Blades
This is Align's flagship 450 and it shows in the build quality and overall performance. Mechanically it is just beautiful- the only part I can complain about is the rudder servo mount is kinda flimsy. So much that the servo can flex it easily. I will buy the CNC upgrade to solidify that mount. Also, the battery tray is small and really tight to house the speed control and motor wires. I bought the CNC battery plate from KDE and it gives you tons of room to mount a big battery, as well as it being easier to mount the speed control and let air flow over the heat sinks better. Ive never had a torque tube drive shaft before- let me tell you- its got some serious snap to it. Its also very smooth and surprisingly quiet. The 3GX may take you some time to figure out. It's not exactly simple to setup but once you get it working- IMO it is just amazing. The heli nearly flies itself at takeoff and hover. During forward flight and while turning, the heli stabilizing itself very subtly to where you just have to tell it where to go. Full pitch pumps at idle up- and the tail stays locked like I cant even believe. It also launches straight up in the sky with a great stock motor. Before you buy a Scorpion, give the motor a chance with a high discharge battery. Its pretty awesome. Assembly is fairly easy, just the programming of the 3GX is kinda hard. Theres youtube videos and forums. Someone else had the same problem you did, so look it up. Finally, be careful when programming idle up. The gyro needs to be turned down in idle up mode. Too much and it will wag extremely violently- too low and it will spin around out of control. My Futaba is at 45% gyro gain for normal flight and 25% for idle up. My point is that this thing is so damn powerful that you can easily lose control of it when trying to find the proper gain in idle up. Be careful. Other than that, this is the best helicopter I've ever seen or heard of. It is so much more fun to fly and makes a flybarred heli an ancient artifact. After flying it, I would give it a perfect 10.