Reviews for Align T-Rex 450PRO DFC Combo Helicopter Kit w/Motor/ESC/Servos & Carbon Blades [AGNKX015090]

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Derek Forrester
Wednesday, Nov 21 2012 (about 3 years ago)
Align T-Rex 450PRO DFC Combo Helicopter Kit w/Motor/ESC/Servos & Carbon Blades
I bought this along with Align's 450 PLUS DFC. I have tried the clone versions of Align's Trex 450 and have been disappointed with parts that are not balanced, holes that don't align (no pun intended ), and metal working errors such as parts that simply do not fit together. In my experience, I find it better to pay a little more for Align parts and be able to better trust the quality of the components. This PRO DFC is their flagship 450 and it shows. The thing is built like a BMW and with patience and care, will go together very easily. I, along with some others got caught up on wiring the 3GX. Remember this- though you may use a 6 channel receiver- IT MUST HAVE A 7th SLOT FOR BATTERY. The six channels will go to the obvious places but that 7th slot must be open for the battery lead to power the 3GX. I bought Futaba's R2106GF thinking it would be a nice small receiver but it only has 6 slots and the sixth one is the battery. (No room for pitch channel) Also the 3GX must be wired up correctly to even turn on. You may think you got a dud and get frustrated. Believe me, mine drove me crazy for a day or so. Take your time, read the manual, and watch youtube videos. Once you get it all working, it's worth it. This thing is the best 450 Helicopter by far and away in my opinion. I suppose for smack 3D you may want a stronger motor but before that, I suggest you try a good ThunderPower 65C battery or something similar. The Align motor is quite good. I love how solid this thing is built, it looks amazing, and there are some cool CNC upgrades to make it even better. I would suggest a beginner go for a flybarred version as the DFC is super agile and responsive and can be touchy to fly if you are overcorrecting. It requires a lot of very small inputs at hover and forward flight. When flipping, rolling and looping- all that agility will bring the biggest smile to your face. Enjoy :-)