Reviews for Align T-REX 450 Plus DFC Super Combo RTF Helicopter w/2.4GHz/3GX MR/ESC/Motor & CF Blades [AGNRH45E01X]

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Derek Forrester
Tuesday, Nov 20 2012 (about 3 years ago)
Align T-REX 450 Plus DFC Super Combo RTF Helicopter w/2.4GHz/3GX MR/ESC/Motor & CF Blades
I got this kit on it's release after selling my Flybarred PLUS RTF. This package is the best out there in my opinion. No corners were cut in any part along the way. The TX is a Futaba T6J. It does everything you need, is laid out simply, and transfers the commands to the bird really fast. Faster than competing TX's in it's class. The Heli is just awesome and very well made- even though some parts are plastic- don't be so quick to judge. Align uses PVC plastic and it's light, tight, and easy to replace. This is an intro bird so it's probable you might crash it. The plastic parts are available and cheap. Now- the DFC. Compared to a flybarred heli, you will have to get used to the feel of a computer stablizing the bird. It requires more input and attention at hover. Once you get used to it, with no wind you will find that the computer nearly flies itself. I can take my thumb off the stick for about 5 seconds before it really starts to veer off too far. The downfall is you lose some of that altitude stability the flybarred heli has because the DFC is lacking that centrifugal force. What you traded it for was a fairly insane flight speed capability. I can get the DFC going so fast that I can pull up and fly nose up to the sky for as far as you can see it. Its just waaaaay faster. Also, the "disc" feels more connected to the aircraft. By this, I mean its more agile and can flip, roll, and loop like its on rails. Its so much more fun to fly because it responds with super agility. This agility is what will also cause you to have to get used to it. When hovering- and you move the stick- it will very quickly respond. They turn down the roll rates when you get it, its just a simple dial on the MR(3GX). At first I was worried how responsive it was, but by now I have it turned almost all the way up. You'll get used to it. This bird is insane. I highly recommend it and really dont have enough space to write about how much I love it.