Align T-Rex 150X DFC Combo BTF Electric Helicopter w/2 Batteries, Case, Motor, ESC, Gyro, Servos & Blades

Align T-Rex 150X DFC Combo BTF Electric Helicopter
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This is the Align T-Rex 150X Bind-To-Fly Helicopter. Align's smallest and most petite 3D helicopter T-REX 150X, carries the same superior pedigree and design concept that originated from the successful T-REX line of helicopters. Feature strong power, superior flight control stability, and equipped with the high end components, far exceeding any other helicopters currently on the market.

Included is an integrated 6-axis gyro, Futaba S-FHSS based receiver, BL Heli supported ESC, and Bluetooth control system. Set up and update the flight parameter settings via the Smart Phone App Interface. Support for mobile devices, iOS & Android allows easy set up and adjustment to flight parameter settings. The app makes firmware updates easier to install. Download the free appto get the latest firmware update with additional improved functions. Main motor KV value is increased to 9000KV to deliver outstanding power, torque, and high efficiency with low power consumption delivering outstanding performance. The tail motor provides superior tail authority out performing all other micro heli's on the market.

T-Rex 150X features built in Futaba S-FHSS 2.4Ghz system, and support the use of Spektrum DSMX / JR DMSS satellite receivers.

Miniature size, control precision that resembles the larger helicopters, enables you to enjoy flying inside a confined space. Beginners can even enjoy this with ease by just turning down the speed. The innovative breakthrough T-Rex 150X will bring you a new dimension of flying enjoyment.

TECH NOTE (SPEKTRUM): You MUST use an external Spektrum Receiver or gyro which supports Spektrum binding, to bind a remote satellite receiver FIRST before connecting to the 150X. The 150X isn't able to bind current generation remote satellite Spektrum receivers such as SPM9745.


  • Fully assembled and configured; just add a Futaba S-FHSS transmitter or Spektrum DSMX - JR DSMJ/DMSS satellite receiver and transmitter, then you're ready to fly.
  • Integrated control system with specially optimized 6-axis gyro, receiver, electronic speed controller.
  • All metal DFC main rotor head assembly featuring high end aesthetic and superior flight performance. 
  • 9000kV Brushless motor used in main rotor; paired with 2S 7.4V 250mAh battery, the unimaginable power will surprise your senses.
  • 4g digital micro servos increase helicopter control speed and precision. 
  • Tail brushless motor sustain optimal tail locking performance under high head speed and extreme flight conditions. 
  • Two different skill level main blades included - Black/Advanced & Orange/Beginner
  • Compatible with Futaba S-FHSS 2.4GHz, Spektrum DSM2/DSMX & JR DMSS***

NOTE***: Pilots using Spektrum Radio Systems will need to purchase a Spektrum Remote Receiver. (DSM2 or DSMX). JR DMSS will require JRP03450.

This is NOT COMPATIBLE with the Align A-10 Radio System. Spektrum SRXL2 Receivers are not supported.

Height: 80mm
Main Blade Length: 120mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 271mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 41mm
Motor Pinion Gear: 10T
Main Drive Gear: 78T
Drive Gear Ratio: 1:7.8
Weight (w/o battery): 53g

  • T-REX 150X Helicopter
  • (1) 150M Main Motor
  • (1) 150M Tail Motor
  • (1) D3155 Digital Servo 
  • (1) DS150 Digital Servo
  • (1) Main Blade Set (advanced)
  • (1) Main Blade Set (beginner)
  • (1) Remote Extension
  • (1) Tail Blade
  • (1) Bind Plug
  • (2) 2S Lithium Polymer Battery (30C/250mAh)

This product was added to our catalog on November 8, 2016

Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jan 10 2017 (about 4 years ago)
Align T-Rex 150X DFC Combo BTF Electric Helicopter
STAY AWAY! Im a patient person but i cant be any more with the 150X. ive spent too much time trying to make it fly and im not talking about learn to fly but things like resoldering servo internally and the main control board not working. the firmware updates try to fix one thing but then create an issue somewhere else. ive attempted to fly it for the last time today when the tail motor stopped turning. its not the motor but the main grs board again and im done. ive wasted too much money on the thing and evem more too much time. i fly helicopters because its fun not because i enjoy troubleshooting them.

Verified Owner
Tuesday, May 29 2018 (about 3 years ago)
Align T-Rex 150X DFC Combo BTF Electric Helicopter
I bought the original 150 back in 2014, it was one of the worst purchases in my RC History(next to the 300 CFX(roll, crash die)), it flew wild, broke easy and stayed broken (unless you enjoy soldering super small connectors) Since Blade Decided to send the MCPX BL to the scrap heap I found myself looking at the 150X and after reading a review I decided (against my better judgment)to take the plunge again.

All I can say to the others who tried the original and were disappoint is that the 150X is a whole new beast. Power, stability and precision are the only three words that ring in my mind. First a word of advice, in the apps Setup menu in parameters under Cyclic "Advance" set the Cyclic Gain from 50% to 100% and this thing will fly like it's on rails and that Big helicopter feel you've been looking for in a Micro, that's here and now on this bird just crank the cyclic gain to %100 and work you way backwards from that if it feels to mechanical for you. I've flown at least 12 flights at 100% Gain and the heli has shown no bad tendencies due to setting the Gain so high.

Very happy I gave the 150X the benefit of the doubt, Very satisfied with this purchase. Horizon needs pack up their Micro Heli Division because align has nailed it.

P.s. Attitude mode Sucks... let's not go there...
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Mar 22 2017 (about 4 years ago)
Align T-Rex 150X DFC Combo BTF Electric Helicopter
Attempted to bind to/configure for use with my Spektrum DX7S transmitter. Heli bound without issue. With the exception of the main-motor, everything works fine (swash servos, tail motor, throttle cut, etc.). Main-motor arms, and attempts to spin up - then just 'jerks' a few time - followed by the main board resetting itself. Amain staff think I have it configured wrong - as do the Align tech support folks they put me in contact with. I have followed the very very incomplete instruction sheet that comes with the heli, in addition to the instructions on the Align website. I have also watched (numerous times) the setup videos on the Align website... nothing works. I have approximately 10 helis in my 'rc hangar' (TREX's, Goblins, HH Blades)... so I know how to setup/config a heli... yet amain and Align think I am at fault.

If you do a little research on this model (something I did NOT do before purchasing it unfortunately - bad on me), you will discover that many many people are having problems with it... especially when trying to use a Spektrum TX/RX.

I would not recommend the 150X unless you are interested in a very nice looking $240 paper-weight.
Verified Owner
Monday, Dec 24 2018 (about 2 years ago)
Align T-Rex 150X DFC Combo BTF Electric Helicopter
Great Helicopter like my other T-rex models. Watch the setup video FIRST!!! on youtube.
Sunday, Jul 22 2018 (about 3 years ago)
Align T-Rex 150X DFC Combo BTF Electric Helicopter
This is a great helicopter. I have owned it for about 4 months. It can be tamed down or you can have it doing some awesome 3d. It is durable and a true flying marvel for being so small. It is best when you have less than 10 mph winds. You must adjust your gain add enough expo to your radio and this heli will do many things my 700 size heli will do. It is sad to hear other bad experiences with this heli, it almost discourged me just reading them even though I already own it! lol!! Both my a friend and I got one and we both love them. We always fly over grass as this will cushion any crash as long as you hit throttle hold. I have an mcpxbl and I can save this one out hard maneuvers just about every time inches from the ground. I have crashed it many times and it keeps on flying great. Make sure you level the swash and change out main gear and it starts to slip and make the heli shake. My cyclic gain is about 85 and it is really locked in. If you have issues with this heli find someone that has one and work with them to get yours flying like it was designed to. Greatest micro helicopter ever! Do the upgraded blade holder grips as they do make it even a better flying little beast.
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jan 14 2017 (about 4 years ago)
Align T-Rex 150X DFC Combo BTF Electric Helicopter
Worth every penny! I fly intermediate with advancing 3D. First flight with a DX9 was after firmware update to ver.1.1.1. I am totally impressed with the stability and agility of this little heli. It is on rails!! For about the cost of two Nano CPS's the 150x is 20 times the heli. I own two Nano CPS's which have taught me a lot without the fear of breaking them. I wanted the longevity and power of a brushless main and tail so I bought the 150x. I did not expect to have the handling of a heli five times its size! 80 flights later in 6 days I am looking forward to hundreds more without worrying about replacing a brushed tailmotor every 150 flights. I am flying Expert setting with 20% expo on cyclic. Awesome Heli!!!
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jun 25 2020 (about a year ago)
Align T-Rex 150X DFC Combo BTF Electric Helicopter
I saw many negative feedbacks on this heli, but anyhow based on flights in youtube videos I decided to give it a shot. This review I'm writing after about 3 weeks that I owned this heli.

Setup: I would like to say that I had zero issues with setting grs system from my phone (thx for setup guide on youtube).

Flight performance: It is just incredible, I can do flips rolls pirouettes in any direction at any time without any issues, I'm trying to make tic tocs)) but it seems I need to spent additional time to precision adjustments to make it more precise for me. I even flew on a windy day it's become more challenging but it is possible!!!

Durability: Saying that this bird is bulletproof is to say nothing) I saw in videos how people crashed this heli to the asphalt then just put the canopy back and continue flying... I made a lot of small crashes for about few last weeks =) (I'm training inverted funnels on this heli) I have no serious damages... Only one issue that I have - I believe I bent my main and featuring shafts))) but it is acceptable)

Issues: Seems like because of many crashes and bent shafts some times I can notice the small tail wag, before crashes - I noticed it only on very hard maneuvers.

1) my kit arrived with updated main grips and main shaft
2) I received 300mah 2s lipos instead of 250mah... I don't know is this kit was updated, or I'm just got lucky

PS: Despite the fact that the helicopter is sufficiently accurate in control and absolutely safe for the pilot and surrounding people, you should have at least basic skills of flying. I believe it is an intermediate+ level machine.

I hope this helps someone. Good luck.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Sep 15 2021 (4 weeks ago)
Align T-Rex 150X DFC Combo BTF Electric Helicopter
So far I love this heli
Super stable, super easy setup
Monday, Oct 12 2020 (about a year ago)
Align T-Rex 150X DFC Combo BTF Electric Helicopter
i got this heli as a beginner to intermediate and love it but its expensive to repair
Verified Owner
Monday, May 4 2020 (about a year ago)
Align T-Rex 150X DFC Combo BTF Electric Helicopter
Thank you Amain hobbies for making a fast delivery and having the best products on the market, hit the spot with you.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Feb 21 2017 (about 4 years ago)
Align T-Rex 150X DFC Combo BTF Electric Helicopter
This is a great little heli! Ten times more durable then the Axe CP brushless. Beginner mode is just that, after fine tuning the cyclic and pitch in expert mode this thing comes alive. I have had three hard crashes, one of which was inverted in to the ground, so far the only damage was the plastic canopy and the landing skids. The and fiberglass canopy can take a beating. I recommend getting the fiberglass canopy and extra skids when you order this.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Mar 22 2017 (about 4 years ago)
Align T-Rex 150X DFC Combo BTF Electric Helicopter
Best micro heli you can buy; will fly just like a big collective heli. Tail holds strong during even the hardest 3D flight. People with issues should update to the latest firmware, I’ve had zero issues on all my 150Xs.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jan 19 2017 (about 4 years ago)
Align T-Rex 150X DFC Combo BTF Electric Helicopter
This is a very nice helicopter. I would recommend it. It is 100% 3D compatible! Very powerful and very easy to set up.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jan 31 2017 (about 4 years ago)
Align T-Rex 150X DFC Combo BTF Electric Helicopter
Nice little helicopter. Plenty of power and very stable, especially for its size.
Glad I got one. This is the best micro I have and I've bought many of them before.