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Saturday, Feb 28 2015 (about a year ago)
Align T-Rex 150 DFC Combo BTF Helicopter
I am an experienced CP helicopter pilot, from 700 class to the blade nano cp x, I have flown a wide variety of hell's. I am also a Mechanical Engineer. I have purchased several thousands of dollars at A-main and have never commented on a single purchase, until now. This helicopter was not designed correctly, resulting in erratic flight and mechanical failure. I just has a cyclical servo burn up during flight resulting in an immediate hard, costly crash. The CG of this hell is incorrect, and level flight out of the box in my case would have not been possible, the swash was off by several degrees, an not a single cycle servo was close to a mechanical 90. This is just a flat out poor helicopter in my mind. I just flew a Blade 180 cfx. In my opinion, you will save a bit of money by spending a bit extra and buying that help instead. THAT helicopter was engineered correctly. It is just touchy due to it's very nature, high head speed, and minimal mass=twitchy. *Update: Amain's customer service on this matter was amazing, I replaced the parts that were broken and rebuilt the Heli. I found that the MRS flybarless unit was NOT mounted level, not even close. Second, the roll rate dial I found made the hell unstable in it's default 8:00 position. I turned it to the 12:00 position and let and left 30% Expo. I also found that the blades were sorely out of balance. I found that the swash plate out of the box was no where near level at mid stick. Finally, I replaced the Main Shat, the Included shat was not straight, this may have been the result of the crash. I replaced it with a Titanium shaft. The result, today I flew fly in windy conditions, in Normal flight mode, and achieved a hands off hover, with a bit of tail wag, I may need to adjust the gyro slightly. My advice, take the time to go through this bird from top to bottom, it is NOT ready to fly out of the box. With a little work, this is in fact a great micro.
Luther Raikes
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jan 25 2014 (about 2 years ago)
Align T-Rex 150 DFC Combo BTF Helicopter
best micro heli in the world best handling fly's mean as flown many micro helis and this one leaves them in the dust very good heli same handling as my trex 800 trekker insane head speed on it this heli is worth getting if you are a expert-beginner or expert flyer it is very durable recommend flying in field with long grass as it saves the recommend getting hope this review was helpful
Johny Wells
Thursday, Jan 28 2016 (8 months ago)
Align T-Rex 150 DFC Combo BTF Helicopter
Your company looks awesome and I'm getting into the kit building and rtf helicopters and parts you have