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Maris Arins
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Sep 11 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Align Slant Thread Main Drive Gear (3) (121T)
As usually, I don't like Align prices. For example Tarot gears would be 1/2 price or less if bought in right place, but the quality here is convincing. gear is very straight if you need it desperately. I know that a slight throw on main gear is no issue as long as it stays in ~1mm range, probably you get a vibration, but functionality is still there. So here you should expect perfect shape. Also I have a feeling that these gears are more rigid and somewhat substantial than Tarot for example. If you agree with price, then you will not regret the purchase. Slant gears with corresponding pinion will change the way your Heli sounds very much !!! This alone is worth to switch to this setup. Just take your straight gear, undo one-way bearing holder from it and screw it on your brand new slant gear, replace with corresponding slant pinion (watch for shaft diameter 3.17 or 3.5) and enjoy :)