Align G800F Aerial Gimbal System Combo w/GS850 Gimbal Controller & Three DS815 Servos

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This is the Align G800 Aerial Gimbal System Combo. The Align G800 gimbal system was developed specifically for the T-Rex 800E, to suit the needs of aerial photographers. The included GS850 gimbal controller was developed to meet the needs of various aerial photography requirements and features high power computing capabilities, with various control modes to precisely lock into the shooting object allowing aerial images to be obtained easily. 3k carbon composite material matched with high strength aluminum alloy forms an incredibly precise gimbal backbone, to provide incredible stability and the ability to carry heavy payloads, while remaining capable of sustaining hard landings. Using a belt transmission design, when paired with 540 DS815 servos, the gimbal is capable of wider turning angles and more precision than ever imagined.

NOTE: This system is only compatible with the Align T-Rex 800E helicopter combined with the Align APS gyro system and 3GX flybarless system. Users must have a certain concept of security to operate the R/C helicopters. Be sure to read and comply with related instruction manual safety notes before flying.

T-REX 800E DFC Camera Gimbal Features:

  • Gimbal features 3k carbon composite material matched with high strength aluminum alloy to form the backbone, featuring high precision, high stability, high payload capability, and is able to sustain hard landings.
  • Utilizes 540 degrees DS815 high voltage robotic servos, supporting 2s 7.4v input voltage. Special slow start feature to avoid jerky start-ups.
  • Unique gimbal support assembly design, with an aestheticaly clean look, high precision and slop free operation makes the camera lens maintain the same angle in flight.
  • Shock absorbing dampners designed specifically for Align GS800 gimbal system, posses superior vibration dampening effect, and various spring tensions that can be used according to the payload.
  • GS850 gimbal controller is a highly stable, highly precise 3-axis gimbal control system. Featuring 5 control modes: mode 1 -three axis auto compensation; mode 2 - two axis auto compensation; mode 3 -three axis return to neutral; mode 4 - manual; mode 5 - rescue mode. These various modes have been developed to allow aerial photographers to precisely lock into the shooting object allowing aerial images to be obtained easily.
  • Simple to setup. Complete setup can be done with two steps.
  • Unique rescue mode, to minimize photography equipment damage during a crash.
  • Supports lens zoom in and zoom out feature.
  • Supports shutter activation. Follow the instruction to connect shutter with GS800 controller, shutter can be activated via transmitter stick through GS800.
  • Supports Spektrum/JR satellite receivers and Futaba S.BUS architecture.
  • Upgradeable firmware interface, allowing firmware updates through interface cable.
  • Must be used with T-Rex 800E in conjunction with Align APS gyro and 3GX flybarless system, enabling gimbal control system to achieve high stability and excellent controllability.
  • DS815 HV Robot Servo:
    • Characteristic: Soft Start
    • Rating Voltage: DC4.8~7.4V
    • Temperature Range: -20℃~60℃ (-20~140℉)
    • Operating Range: 540 (1000~2000us)
    • Broadband Systems: 1500μs
    • Stall Torque:
      • 4.8V: 208 oz-in (
      • 6.0V: 249 oz-in (
      • 7.4V: 277 oz-in (
    • Speed:
      • 4.8V: 0.15sec/60
      • 6.0V: 0.13sec/60
      • 7.4V: 0.11sec/60
    • Dimension: 40.1x20.1x20.7mm
    • Weight: 66g
  • GS850 Controller:
    • Rating Voltage: DC4.8~8.4V
    • Temperature Range: -20℃~65℃(-4~140℉)
    • Operating Current Consumption:
      • ROLL @ 6V: 55mA
      • PAN @ 6V: 40mA
    • Maximum Control Range:
      • ROLL: 30
      • PAN: 90
      • TILT: 90
    • Maximum Control rotation Speed:
      • ROLL: 60/ s
      • PAN: 150/ s
      • TILT: 150/ s
    • Dimension: 42.7x30x14.2mm
    • Weight: 11g
  • (1) G800 Gimbal Set
  • (1) Gimbal Accessories Set
  • (1) Gimbal Support Assembly Set
  • (1) Gimbal Shock Absorber Assembly Set
  • (1) Gimbal shock Absorber Accessory Set
  • (2) Gimbal Camera Pad
  • (1) ESC Mount
  • (3) DS815 HV Robot Servo
  • (1) GS850 Controller Set

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