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Phillip Wozniak
Thursday, Dec 29 2011 (about 4 years ago)
Align DS610 Digital Servo
Best servo for heli's and RC cars. I tried both applications with fantastic results. My friends are using Savox servos and when they drive my car with the align servo in it they are like WHOA! Great price also for this servo being digital and CORELESS. You can not go wrong with this servo choice.
Will Erb
Wednesday, May 2 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Align DS610 Digital Servo
To Phillip Wozniak, this IS a Savox SC1258TG with a blue case and sticker instead of orange. Savox manufactures the servos and Align contracts with them to brand them as Align. Compare the specs. Just as the Align DS620 is a rebranded Savox SC1257TG. That said, I love the Savox 1258's, and this is the same servo, so A+ product if you like the color blue over orange :)
Daniel Rosado Diaz
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Aug 9 2011 (about 5 years ago)
Align DS610 Digital Servo
I do not get the servo and muffler gasket 600 align hilecotero