Reviews for Align Dial Pitch Gauge for 300-700mm [AGNK10390A-1]

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anonymous flyer
Verified Owner
Friday, Nov 27 2009 (about 6 years ago)
Align Dial Pitch Gauge for 300-700mm
Well made tool. A bit pricey, but the money was well spent. I am giving this pitch gauge 4 stars because it can measure from -14.5 to 14.5 degrees; not a big deal, but its specifications state -15 to +15 and I don't like when a product is no capable of doing what the manufacturer/seller says it should do.
chandler gatten
Sunday, Sep 29 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Align Dial Pitch Gauge for 300-700mm
Good quality, do not buy if you have a dfc system! It is just such a pain. And if you still are using flybar systems i would honestly say it's totally worth it to spend the extra 15 bucks on a digital one, it eliminates pretty much all user error and it is really hard to get the blades perfect with this one, impossible with a dfc, unless you buy the other part that screws onto the top of the head, and i think that is like 10 bucks and it is essential if you wanna use this with the dfc. So i would avoid this one, i have one and i can't use it because i have a trex pro dfc, :/. Just go with the digital one, trust me, it is so worth it!!!