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John James
Sunday, Aug 5 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Align APS Gyro
I bought this "so called" auto pilot system, thinking it would make flying more fun and EASIER. After four solid days of programing and reprograming, adjusting everything on my T-Rex 700E, it can't even leave the ground without spinning out of control or trying to flip over!! This system ISN'T PERFECTED!! You would think that for over $800, it would be "plug and play". I followed the set-up instructions and the online videos SEVERAL times and I have everything set perfect. I'm going to remove it and see if I can sell it to get back some of my hard earned CASH. SAVE YOUR MONEY. This thing is C**P!
Chris Hill
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Oct 2 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Align APS Gyro
I received this unit yesterday, and after a couple hours of programming it works like a champ!!!! I am using this in a TREX-500 with AH-1 Cobra Fuse, and it is a dream to fly now. The semi-auto takeoff really brings realism to the AH1 scale experience. The 2 point GPS settings is pretty neat as well. Align had issues with this on launch, but firmware seems to have fixed this unit, and works very well!
Oscar Caballero
Sunday, Jan 27 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Align APS Gyro
I must say I had a very hard time making this unit work as it should. After several tries, updated to v1.2 of software and it is a great unit that works as it's designed to. Don't expect nothing more than what documentation says it'll do. I really like this unit, and it shows a world of possibilities that future enhancements to the software will bring to the hobby with this kind of technology. I used to think that 6 - 7 minutes of flying was a good amount of time on the air. But with APS and all the new things you can do, 6 - 7 minutes of flight time is really short. But that's another story.