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Lasse Kinnunen
Monday, Sep 23 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Align 450 PRO CNC Metal Tail Pitch Assembly
I use this (H45179) with a KDE Performance Tail V2 and the "grip flip mod" (google it). The net result: Very close to zero slop, you get metal and ball bearings all the way from the rotor blades and up to the servo rod, you can tighten all screws really tight but the mechanism is still very smooth and completely without binding over the whole control range. The dual attachment to the slider reduces slider friction since you avoid the tilting momentum. The tail is rock solid and I have high speed piros in both directions (3GX on a 450 FBL Pro). I have a hard time finding anything to complain about! Great product, but it's the combination with the KDE Perf. Tail V2 that kills the last of the slop (and allows you to tighten all screws properly). You can also use the H45179 with KDE Perf. Tail V3 if you don't want to do the grip flip mod (haven't tried it). Have 40 flights or so now (and a few crashes) with this solution, still close to zero slop. Highly recommended.