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Lasse Kinnunen
Wednesday, Apr 3 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Align 3GX Programmable Flybarless System
I'm a bit hesitant about this one. In the air it works really good I think, stable hovering, stable FF, flips OK, inverted flight OK. But if you land with it and then want to take off again without re-initializing it, or if you move the cyclic while spinning up initially, then it has very bad tendencies to flip the heli over (have it on my T-Rex 450 Pro and T-Rex 700E, both same tendency). So you have to be on your toes to compensate for this and try to make it in the air quick in order to avoid disaster. I use version 3.0 in both helis, but 2.x versions had the same problem. I have a ZYX-S on a 250, and I have to say that one behaves a lot better in this area, in spite of the twitchyness that small heli has.
Thursday, Nov 3 2011 (about 4 years ago)
Align 3GX Programmable Flybarless System
Absolutly flawless and stable. I'm used to the 3G so the GUI is fine, I'm used to it, you just haved to click on the custom feature to get into all the settings for tweeking and turn down the expo that's allready there if your using expo in the TX. My 450 Pro is every bit as stable as my 500 and 550 3G. Definetly will get another unit for the ole 450 V2. The only thing is to high of gain landing in IU is twitchy but autos down fine.
Herb Jones
Thursday, Apr 17 2014 (about 2 years ago)
Align 3GX Programmable Flybarless System
I converted my T-REX 450 Sport V2 with the Align 450 DFC upgrade and 3GX flybarless system from A Main Hobbies. The conversion went very well using the supplied components. The set-up for the 3gx was complicated for some steps as it is installed inverted. The swashplate neutral setting requires a level swashplate. I leveled the heli over a mirror and used a short length of antenna tubing in my needle nose pliers to press the set button and observe the LED's
Oleg Melnikov
Saturday, Mar 23 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Align 3GX Programmable Flybarless System
system glitch more then stable crashed 3 times because of it... no mo 3gx for me... gone flybar :)
Phillip Wozniak
Thursday, Dec 29 2011 (about 4 years ago)
Align 3GX Programmable Flybarless System
Fantastic system. Can not say much about the other ones out but I am new to flybarless and this system was great for my first flybarless venture. Anyway give it a try as the price will not disappoint you. Just make sure you follow directions to the "T" and you will be fine. Remember to also use fast servo's with this system as slower servos will make the unit work like poo. The align servos are plenty fast. Just read and pay attention and setup will be easy and a breeze. Happy flying : )
Saturday, Jul 5 2014 (about 2 years ago)
Align 3GX Programmable Flybarless System
thanks ,i was thinking about getting one .but i saw a heli flip on second lift off on youtube.seem to be the same problem.i love my bird to much to take the chance. good luck guys
richard robinson
Sunday, Oct 2 2011 (about 5 years ago)
Align 3GX Programmable Flybarless System
Updated review.Is it really worth it...IDK.So far I have had this on my 450 for a few months and since then updated to the latest software and I can say I am not totally saticfied with it.It works well enouph to keep it in the heli.The unit itself is pretty solid with no glitching.The tail has been rock solid.I have my controll rates set to 50 and use rx dr and expo.So far this feels best as before it felt like conflicting expo and controlls felt clashy and unsmooth but with this setting I have a more direct feel with cyclic and collective angles set as recomended in directions for heli.The 3 point rating has to do with poor software and instruction.So far its been a quessing game to get things dialed and its still far from beeing perfect.And also the unit has some back and left drift as your not able to get the gains on elev high enouph with out oscillation(software is sales pitch to many peramiters that do the same thing ... CLASH...)but any way elevator half to set lock and heading gains low.Heading down to 30 lock to 25 with 1:00 on the dial and still unit has some wobble with ubrupt and high gimble inpute manuvers.And also this darn pirouette compensation have not fiquered it out(what does it do is it a mix or another conflicting gain setting)But in any case pirouetts has some seriouse drift they are not stationary and have nose pitch in.Kinda does a little fly around tight circle so far lol.But any way for this price may as well just get a vbar for a little more.This unit still has a ways to go before its ready.If your flying scale it should be ok. -Align upgraded 450 -Castle creation ice 50 with selectable voltage(5.5v)5 amps bec with brushless scorpion 8 for 450 size heli. -Jr spektrum with align digital servos and futaba s9257 tail servo
Gabriel Black
Thursday, Oct 20 2011 (about 5 years ago)
Align 3GX Programmable Flybarless System
I bought the new trex 450 pro 3gx and it came with the align 3gx and i had bought a beastx so after flying that i thought y not put it on my trex 600n so i bought a head and last night my buddy was helpng me set it up and the elevator channel made the servos glich big time so we took the servo lead out and put a differnt one in the aux 1 did the same thing aligns 3gx is a piece of crudd If anything when u do get fbl get microbeastx works way better trust me