Aerotech 87" Mirage Rocket Kit

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This is the AeroTech 87" Mirage Rocket Kit. For those who want to fly a really big rocket, the Mirage is it! Lift-offs are impressively slow and realistic when this 7 foot monster roars off the pad on “G” power. Recovery is on two big nylon parachutes. 

AeroTech model rockets are not your average rocket kit. The large size, sleek aerodynamics and adult styling will single out AeroTech rockets as something special. But, the real revolution is on the inside! When you take a look at the included components, that’s when you will see the difference. With features that include large, colorful, self adhesive decals, adapters that allow the use of various sizes of AeroTech motors, and strong, light Aero-Fiber centering rings, AeroTech is the obvious choice for anyone looking to discover how much fun big rockets can be.

Mid-Power Rockets: Beyond "traditional" model rocketry is what many call "mid-power rocketry". Rockets in this category typically use composite propellant model rocket motors in the `E` through `G` sizes, although black powder `E` model rocket motors are also available. Mid-power model rockets generally weigh less than two pounds, but can fly higher than traditional model rockets. Mid-power model rockets containing no more than 4.4 ounces (125 grams) of propellant and weighing no more than 3.3 pounds (1500 grams) may also be flown without special permission or licenses. Mid-power model rockets are not necessarily more difficult to build than traditional model rockets. Composite propellant mid-power model rocket motors are more expensive than the smaller black powder model rocket motors ($5-$27 per flight), but usually cost less per unit of power. Mid-power model rocket motors are produced in both single-use and reloadable types.


  • 7 foot monster!
  • 1,300 foot flights 
  • Dual Parachutes

87”/220 cm
Diameter: 2.6”/6.7 cm
Weight (without motor): 31oz/880gms
Fins: 3

Recommended RMS Motors:

  • Motor      Proj. Altitude (ft/m)
  • F40-4W      650 / 200
  • F52-5T       650 / 200
  • G64-4W    1300 / 400
  • G71-4R     1300 / 400

Recommended SU Motors:

  • Motor     Proj. Altitude (ft/m)
  • F50-4T    510 / 160
  • G38-4FJ  680 / 210
  • G40-4W  870 / 270
  • G77-4R   950 / 290
  • G79-4W  950 / 290
  • G80-4T   880 / 270

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