Aerotech 29mm F50-4T SU Rocket Motor

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This is an AeroTech 29mm F50-4T SU Rocket Motor, and is intended for use in 29mm Composite Motor Rockets. AeroTech established its position as the leader in hobby rocket motor technology with its single-use composite motors. Hobby rocketry has come to depend on AeroTech single-use motors for sport and competition flying. All AeroTech single-use rocket motors have been certified by the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) or the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA).

Motor Effects; Blue Thunder™ (T): Produces a bright violet-blue flame with a minimum of exhaust smoke. These motors provide a higher level of thrust than White Lightning or Black Jack motors of the same total impulse. Blue Thunder is the perfect propellant for high lift-off acceleration.

Motor Type:
Average Thrust:
50 Newtons (11.2 lbs)
Total Impulse:
80 Newtons
Ejection Delay:
4 seconds
Propellant Type:
Blue Thunder
Primary Use:
Single Stage
Motor Diameter:
1.125" (29 mm)
Motor Weight:
2.9 oz. (83 g)
Maximum Liftoff Weight:
36 oz. (1020 g)

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