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shawn Artis
Wednesday, Mar 28 2012 (about 4 years ago)
XRAY XB9 Luxury 1/8 Nitro Off-Road Buggy Kit
Finally got the XB9... definitely a vast improvement over the 808. The steering has improved drastically and the car has a ton of droop which allows it to handle the rough stuff like none other. The air control is phenomenal and it's still tough as a tank. The manual was extremely detailed and the packaging gives you a truly luxurious experience. The Xray has always been a graceful buggy but with the new engineering it now posesses an unparallelled rawness. The best way i can describe it is the combination of a Mugen MBX6 and an Xray. The XB9 allows you to drive it extremely harder than did the 808 versions while maintaining full control. Hands down a very impressive machine!
Anthony Luciano
Saturday, May 19 2012 (about 3 years ago)
XRAY XB9 Luxury 1/8 Nitro Off-Road Buggy Kit
I owned one Xray buggy. It was an 808, 2010 model I think. I think Xray has the best manual going. High quality parts. easy to build, handles great and the Hudy set up book is awesome. Unless they changed the diffs, it is wise to stock some bearings for them. Not a review for the XB9 so much, but I will testify that Xray quality is the best I have seen.