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scott staley
Friday, Apr 30 2010 (about 5 years ago)
Traxxas Top Fuel 33% Nitro Fuel (One Quart)
I normally ran odonnell 40 and 50% race fuels in my hyper 7 but I bought a new tmaxx and revo so I tryed this fuel. I put a picco .26 maxx in the t maxx and an OS .21 tm in the revo. I had tuning problems to the extent that I called ofna and sent the picco in for analysis, the first thing he asked me was what fuel do I run. When I told him traxxas he said thats my problem. He put byrons fuel in the engine and had it tuned in minutes.I put odonnell in my revo and tuning issues were gone. I even had issues with the stock 3.3 motor running this fuel.
Kirk Lawrence
Saturday, Jun 6 2015 (4 months ago)
Traxxas Top Fuel 33% Nitro Fuel (One Quart)
Unlike the other reviewer, I had good success with Top Fuel 33. I have a Picco Red Dot in my Revo and it made this truck wayyyy more responsive than using Byrons 20% that I used before. The truck runs better and starts much easier. I also run it in my stock Revo. Other than running a little richer on the HSN, no other changes needed to be made. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a little more punch in throttle.