Reviews for Traxxas Nitro Slash 3.3 1/10 RTR 2WD Short Course Truck w/TQ 2.4Ghz Radio [TRA44054]

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Monday, May 5 2014 (about a year ago)
Traxxas Nitro Slash 3.3 1/10 RTR 2WD Short Course Truck w/TQ 2.4Ghz Radio
The nitro slash is an AWESOME truck. Out of the box, i swapped out the plastic exhaust with the blue jato exhaust and the double a battery holster for a hump batter pack. (btw you need a servo extension, the battery pack itself, and another receiver switch, because the pack it comes with is soldered straight to the switch so you cant use it). But after these highly recomended upgrades it runs great, the servos are faster and stronger and the engine gains some nice power down low. The break in went okay, the engine was a little stubborn for the first few tanks, but after that it went smooth. During tuning the engine started to show its massive power. The 3.3 tuned up pretty easily and fires up every time. It does get tail happy on loose dirt and if you have a heavy throttle finger but even whith good throttle control its pretty hard to keep it straight but its not because of the lack of traction in the rear, its the lack of traction in the front, it too light and easily steers where it wants. I stiffened the rear suspenion with one of the medium shock spacers included and it help with traction in the back. Overall its controlable and its a pretty good setup with a few suspension tweaks it will be a solid truck .I dont know how it handles on the track as i havent ran it yet on one but Jang from youtube does a nice review on that .Their were a few minor problems i had. One of them was , one the screws on the transmission radio tray and caster links came loose so you might want to tighten those up before you run yours. The other one is the at a full tank theres too much pressure in the tank causing it to push too much fuel and it richen the engnie up drastically, but at about half a tank, thats when it starts leaning and the true tune comes out. So the only way to fix it is tune it at half a tank keep like that and let it run rich for the first half or tune it at a full tank then retune it again at half tank but i dont know if im the only who has this problem or what , but anyway sorry for the long reveiw its a real neat truck and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested.
Alex Chen
Wednesday, Dec 18 2013 (about 2 years ago)
Traxxas Nitro Slash 3.3 1/10 RTR 2WD Short Course Truck w/TQ 2.4Ghz Radio
Oh and if you were patient enough to do your homework to visit Traxxas's easy to use website you could have downloaded the manual straight then and there and it will tell you what acceptable percentages to run, Typically for bashing and messing around I've had good luck with Sidewinder nitro in 20% in a Kyosho Inferno GT2, an T-Maxx 3.3, as well as my Savage XL. Remember if you can't learn to tune watch and listen to more YouTube videos or next time youre at the track ask the guy next to you to make sure you're doing it right. RC enthusiasts out there are generally friendly people. Give him a compliment on his rigs to break the ice! I'm still not the best tuner out there which is why I went all brushless.
Sunday, Feb 17 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Traxxas Nitro Slash 3.3 1/10 RTR 2WD Short Course Truck w/TQ 2.4Ghz Radio
This is traxxas 4x4? which must use nitro fuel,,,,,, 16 or 20%?