Team Durango DEX210 1/10 Electric 2wd Off Road Buggy Kit

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This is the Team Durango DEX210 1/10 Electric 2wd Off Road Buggy Kit. Team Durango doesnt just make RC cars, they design them. Design and engineering is what they do. All of the designers and engineers at Durango are racers; they use their experience and love of RC to design the best possible RC racing cars. Once they have a design they are happy with, they tune it and then they re-tune it until they have a vehicle that will give YOU the best possible performance. Team Durango cars are for racers who know about RC; Team Durango cars are for racers who want to win.

From Prototype to Production: Two years. From concept, to prototype, to production; the DEX210 took two years to become a reality. A Team Durango car is born with a theory. That theory then becomes a hand-built prototype in the Durango laboratory in Germany. Hours are spent, milling, drilling and machining one off parts. Days and weeks are taken to create and re-create parts, modifying them and then testing them. Then a handful of prototypes are made and race-tested by the Durango team of international pro drivers. With their expert feedback they refine the design and create more prototypes. This cycle continues until they have made the best car possible.

Patented Design: The DEX210 is unique. That is why the 'Hybrid technology' gearbox design, has a pending patent (GB1112236.3). The DEX210 allows you, the racer, to choose if you want the motor to be in rear- or mid-motor position. Not only that, you can choose whether you want the motor to be on the left- or right-hand side of the car. All of these configuration options are available with the same gearbox unit and without altering the suspension geometry. This ability, to tune the weight distribution and torque orientation of the motor, without changing your suspension set-up, is what makes the DEX210 unique. The DEX210 is arguably the most tuneable, yet user-friendly pro electric off road kit available today.

Big Bore Shocks: The DEX210 comes with Team Durango's 'Fat Shock' Big Bore shock absorbers. Already race proven on the DEX410 and DESC410R, the Big Bore shocks keep the DEX210 nimble and planted. With a full range of optional Big Bore springs available, the DEX210 can be fine-tuned for any track and any condition. A full range of pistons are included in the kit - Durango even includes blank pistons so you can drill your own for the ultimate in shock tuning.

Slim Line: The shocks may be FAT but the chassis isn't. The 6061 T6 2.5mm hard anodised aluminium chassis plate is slim, trim and beautiful. Combined with stylish composite side-rails - designed to accommodate modern electronics, the chassis assembly on the DEX210 offers flex and strength, giving you control on the toughest, roughest and smoothest of race tracks. The DEX210 has been designed with all racers in mind, so ROAR legal stick and saddle pack batteries can be used.

Universal Body Shell: The DEX210 is a car that gives the racer a ton of options with the least amount of fuss. Durango has kept all of the parts you need to a minimum, while still allowing maximum control over how you configure the buggy. The Team Durango styled body shell is no exception. Other buggies that offer rear- and mid-motor configurations require you to have two different gearboxes and two different body shells. Durango engineers and designers decided from day one that the DEX210 should have only one body shell, regardless of the configuration of the buggy. With the use of a special 'cowl' system, the DEX210 racer can use the same body shell, saving you time and money.

Inserts: Getting the setup options you want without expensive optional parts is what the DEX210 is all about. Using specially designed inserts to change rear toe-in, front caster and the front axle position.

Fully Adjustable: The DEX210 is an ultra-adjustable platform, designed to be tuned to any track or condition you can throw it at. The DEX210 has more setup and tuning options in-the-kit than any other 2WD buggy.

  • Rear anti-squat and toe adjustment
  • Pending Patent (GB1112236.3) gearbox design: allows mid- or rear-motor configurations where the motor can be set left-or right-handed, all within one gearbox mold
  • Team Durango DNA - world class, race proven, engineering and design
  • Hard anodized aluminum chassis plate with composite side rails for perfect chassis flex and superior traction and handling
  • Team Durango Big Bore shock absorbers and composite shock towers
  • Ball diff. as standard with option geared diff. available
  • Wheel base adjustment and trailing axle adjustment in 1mm increments
  • Low-profile body shell with multiple cowlings to allow the same body to be used in both rear- and mid-motor configurations
  • Stick or saddle battery pack compatible
  • Captive rear CVD driveshafts
  • 14mm hex rear wheels

This product was added to our catalog on October 25, 2011.

Marshall Dennis
Verified Owner
Monday, Jan 16 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Team Durango DEX210 1/10 Electric 2wd Off Road Buggy Kit
This buggy is ULTRA DIALED! With a few small tweaks and some time spent on the setup this car was STRAPPED! I love it!!! Durable too!!! Super smooth ball diff that holds and doesnt feel like sand after two runs!!!
Jason Lovell
Verified Owner
Sunday, Jan 15 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Team Durango DEX210 1/10 Electric 2wd Off Road Buggy Kit
Beautifully designed buggy,slipper adjustment on the motor side if in rear motor setup is very convenient,shocks are like butter,inserts for changing geometry on front and rear is also smart,and finally you wont break this car in hurry.
Michael Anderson
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jan 12 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Team Durango DEX210 1/10 Electric 2wd Off Road Buggy Kit
this is a great buggy, I am very happy with my purchase. Thanks A Main for stocking this car and parts!
Friday, Apr 19 2013 (about 2 years ago)
Team Durango DEX210 1/10 Electric 2wd Off Road Buggy Kit
great buggie.went together nicely (1st kit) just buy extra shock towers .(carbon fiber / aluminum ) broke twice on small track. set it up midmotor4.lots of adjustments if you want to tune it just right. LOL
Tuesday, Jan 15 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Team Durango DEX210 1/10 Electric 2wd Off Road Buggy Kit
Sweet buggy! Running mine on carpet MM4 probably gonna buy another and set it up in RM4 for clay/dirt tracks. One thing to buy before you build your kit is a carbon fiber or aluminum steering rack. Stock one is flimsy plastic. Also run you diff 1/8th out from full tight. In the manual theres no setup for the diff.
jason christie
Verified Owner
Monday, Nov 19 2012 (about 3 years ago)
Team Durango DEX210 1/10 Electric 2wd Off Road Buggy Kit
Ultra tunable, ultra durable, and ultra hooked up with the right setup. 5 stars all the way.
jaymie lee
Saturday, Jul 28 2012 (about 3 years ago)
Team Durango DEX210 1/10 Electric 2wd Off Road Buggy Kit
Excellent car. Just came back form my local track and the car's handling surprised me. It was very forgiving and somewhat more pleasant to drive than my Associated b4.1. straight with stock suspensions setting the car handled well. Apparently the stock suspension setup must be for european tracks and spent about an two hours to tweak the car in order to have it running even better. I suggest buying the spring kit (losi springs work too) before you head to the track.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, May 30 2012 (about 3 years ago)
Team Durango DEX210 1/10 Electric 2wd Off Road Buggy Kit
Super buggy, NUMEROUS setup options, very durable! I am really impressed with this buggy after some tweaking the setup it really is a great buggy! Well balanced and great CG giving the B4 a run for it money! What else can you say but 100% awesome!
Joshua youngs
Saturday, Jan 21 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Team Durango DEX210 1/10 Electric 2wd Off Road Buggy Kit
Love this thing. Giving the 22 a run for its money. Indoor carpet mid4.
Erick Johnson
Verified Owner
Saturday, Dec 24 2011 (about 4 years ago)
Team Durango DEX210 1/10 Electric 2wd Off Road Buggy Kit
I like the 210. I run it in the mid, 4 gear config. It feels good on the track that i race at. Which is indoor clay/sand mix with a lot of bite.
rjr racing
Friday, Apr 20 2012 (about 3 years ago)
Team Durango DEX210 1/10 Electric 2wd Off Road Buggy Kit
does anyone know the wheel base ?? looks to be an awesome buggy. top quality. great tuning options. would like to here more comments.

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